Underarm Charm with miraSmooth: One Step, No Hair, No Sweat

  • posted: Oct. 15, 2021

Removing underarm hair can be a real pain. You have to deal with razor burn, pesky ingrown hairs, finding the right razor, using enough shaving cream (but not too much).

Luckily, there is a cutting-edge treatment that eliminates all these burdens.


Recent advances in hair removal technology have led to the development of miraSmooth, a single-step, all-inclusive hair removal treatment for your underarms. The treatment uses specialized microwaves to remove your underarm hair and permanently reduce sweating. You get the benefits of both hair removal and sweat prevention in one session.

The Science

How exactly does miraSmooth work? A medical assistant or technician will administer your miraSmooth treatment using a handheld device. The device penetrates many layers of your skin to treat sweat glands and hair follicles.

The miraSmooth medical device treats your underarm areas with microwaves to permanently close off your sweat glands. It also eradicates hair follicles in much the same way as a laser hair removal would. The treatment is FDA-approved and completely safe for use on almost all patients, and as little as one treatment can provide lasting sweat-free and hair-free underarms!

The miraSmooth Procedure

Before your appointment, your provider will advise you to shave your underarms four to six days beforehand. On the day of your miraSmooth procedure, you should wear a sleeveless top with loose armholes.

Pre-Procedure Exam

When you come in for a miraSmooth treatment, a medical assistant or technician will perform a quick visual exam of your underarms. Then, they’ll apply a local anesthetic to the treatment areas.


Once your underarms are numb, they’ll mark the target areas with miraSmooth and guide the machine device along your skin.

This whole process takes about one hour. Most patients report a convenient, painless experience. Thanks to local anesthetics, you should only feel a warming sensation from the device.

Your miraSmooth Aftercare

Many patients expect all procedures to have a recovery period. They are pleasantly surprised to learn that miraSmooth requires no downtime after application. You are free to leave and continue your day as soon as the treatment is over.

Some patients experience minimal swelling and redness the first few days after miraSmooth treatment as the skin heals over their sweat glands and hair follicles. This reaction is totally normal and painless.The miraSmooth procedure is a convenient, effective, non-invasive underarm treatment that permanently reduces hair growth and sweating and prevents armpit odors.

Candidates for miraSmooth

Who is a great candidate for miraSmooth treatments? Everyone! This solution works wonderfully on patients of all skin tones, skin types, and underarm pigmentations. This procedure is especially suitable for patients who live in hot climates.

Get miraSmooth at Gold Skin Care Center

At Gold Skin Care Center, we take pride in providing our patients with quality services that help them feel confident. Now, you can rock that gorgeous new tank top without the sweat marks, thanks to miraSmooth. Best of all, you never have to worry about shaving your underarms again!