Celebrities and Botox

Wrinkles can reveal insecurities about aging. Yet they are inevitable for everyone – regardless of status, income, fame level, or genetics – even if some people seem to be defying the laws of both time and gravity. And while some of those aging gracefully are doing so naturally, plenty of people have turned to Botox and other wrinkle treatments to help delay the effects of aging.

Botox, Dysport, Xeomin, and other wrinkle treatments have a strong track record of safety and effectiveness. As with any procedure to improve or correct an issue with the body, however, you may have questions and concerns about the procedure, intended results, and/or potential complications.

The success of these injectable wrinkle treatments depends on a variety of factors, among the most important of which is the expertise, skill, and experience of the team who administers the injections. A little bit goes a long way, so delicacy and precision are necessary to get the intended look; more importantly, perhaps, they’re needed to avoid an unintended look.

The experts at Nashville-area cosmetic dermatology practice Gold Skin Care Center understand your anxieties and fears. In fact, Dr. Michael H. Gold and our experienced staff know that you’re not just concerned about who administers the treatment or with how they turn out; you’re also wary of both looking old and getting work done to reduce this appearance.

And we know that you definitely don’t want to look as if you’ve had work done.

Believe us, you’re not alone. In addition to your friends, colleagues, and other peers, some of the country’s most popular celebrities have also experienced the same anxieties and concerns.

Let’s take a look at several celebrities and their experiences and opinions about their wrinkle treatment injections.

What Celebrities Think About Their Cosmetic Treatments

Cameron Diaz

Diaz is on record as saying that if Botox works and helps patients feel better about themselves, then why judge? In her mind, that’s what makes Botox successful – patients’ improved self-confidence.

After dealing with backlash at her decision to undergo treatment, she is in no rush to judge either herself or anyone else considering Botox. Her reasoning? How can you judge someone’s choice – which doesn’t affect you – without knowing their reasons behind it?

Courteney Cox

Tennessee Botox Injectable Celebrity

Cox has had experience with various cosmetic treatments, including Botox. And while she’s on record revealing regrets about some of her past procedures, it seems that Botox was not one of them, as she says her experience was both bad and good.

Sometimes too much of a good thing is not so good, so Cox uses her own obsession with trying to stay younger-looking to caution others who are doing the same.

Aging is inevitable, and trying to keep up with looking younger in the face of it can bring bad decisions and even regrets, especially if you overdo it or choose the wrong Nashville doctor.

Julia Roberts

Although Roberts isn’t unhappy about her results from treatment, she’s been quoted that she prefers going natural. An emotional person, she wants people, especially her kids, to know from her expressions that she’s elated, angry, or bemused at their actions.

Another reason why choosing the right doctor is important. Without such expertise, results can turn out different than you intended. Luckily, Dr. Gold is experienced in performing quality Botox injections that eliminate the “frozen face” look. This can’t be said about everyone who offers Botox injections, which makes it even more important that you choose the right wrinkle treatment specialist for your injections.

Brooke Shields

Shields has admitted to trying Botox in the past because she hates her wrinkles. However, she is careful about not overdoing injectable treatments, she says. She’s been quoted as saying that the right doctor is important to her; it has to be someone with experience and the skill to deliver the precise amount in the exact location.

And if you’re considering Botox, you should have and stick to the same principles.

Kelly Ripa

For Ripa, the decision to get Botox stems from comments made by those around her. It seems that she had developed frown lines on her forehead, which made it appear as if she were constantly angry, so she kept having to answer questions about why she was always in a bad mood.

Her wrinkle treatments flattened out her frown lines, and she’s stopped answering those types of questions!

Salma Hayek

Tennessee Celebrity Cosmetic ProceduresAlthough Hayek claims not to have had Botox and isn’t sure she will, she isn’t opposed to others doing it; for her, it’s about people’s choices to make themselves happy.

However, she does have a strong recommendation: get injectable treatments later in life. Wrinkles are a fact of life, which is why she’s still natural, and too many young women are getting Botox too early.

Robin Wright

Wright’s experience with Botox has been, from most accounts, a good one. She says the secret is small amounts (a unit or two) injected maybe once or twice a year. This will take the stubborn edges off of deep wrinkles and creases.

She’s on record as saying that, in her opinion, the people who overdo it for some reason – such as having 10 units at a time – are the ones who have bad results.

The Impact of Wrinkles

Not all wrinkles are the same – some can derail a Hollywood career, or at least the public’s judgment and criticism of them can. This is a big reason that so many of your favorite celebrities have chosen to get Botox injections (even though this also can result in judgment and criticism).

In addition to trying to prolong a lucrative career, many celebrities get Botox for the same reasons you do – trying to defy the effects of age, despite the fact that they may receive backlash for it.

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