Clarisonic Alpha Fit

Clarisonic Alpha FitThe Clarisonic has long been a staple in the beauty world, providing deeper and more thorough cleansing than hands alone can manage. Now, Clarisonic has come out with a brand new product aimed specifically at men: the Clarisonic Alpha Fit. This new device incorporates the same effective technology that made the original Clarisonic great and applies it to men’s skin. Men have different skin concerns than women – they need to deal with facial hair, and the skin itself tends to be tougher. The Clarisonic Alpha Fit addresses these concerns in a compact and technologically advanced package. Dr. Gold is one of the first dermatologists in the nation to offer the Alpha Fit, and he was also part of the Clarisonic clinical trials, playing a significant role in obtaining FDA approval for the device.

Deep Cleaning Technology

The Clarisonic Alpha Fit packs a deep cleaning punch into a small, efficient, waterproof package. It is engineered specifically for men’s skin, and clears away dirt, sweat, and oil 6x better than when washing with just hands. The bristles on the daily cleanse head are shorter, designed just for men, and there are two settings to choose from – low for a gentle yet powerful cleanse and high for a more aggressive one. This invigorating daily cleanse smooths skin as well as prepping for a better shave.

The Alpha Fit is the next level in men’s skin care, and Dr. Gold is excited to be one of the first to offer it to his patients. Men have skin care needs too, and the Clarisonic Alpha Fit addresses these needs in a stylish, masculine package. The Alpha Fit is designed to fit comfortably in the palm of the hand, and is a perfect fit into any man’s daily sink or shower routine.

Better Shaving and Beard Maintenance

The Clarisonic Alpha Fit can be used on both clean-shaven and bearded men. For clean-shaven men, the Alpha Fit preps the skin for a better, closer, smoother shave. Over 90% of men experienced less razor bumps and nicks after first cleaning the skin with the Alpha Fit. Shaving every day can be a hassle, but the Clarisonic Alpha Fit is here to make it less of one. Enjoy a close, smooth shave after an Alpha Fit deep cleanse.

The Alpha Fit can also be used if you have a beard. The short bristles and powerful settings are designed so that the brush head does not snag or tug on facial hair, and in fact using the Alpha Fit can help to keep beards soft and comfortable. Beard maintenance has never been easier with the Alpha Fit.

Get Your Alpha Fit Today

If you are interested in the Clarisonic Alpha Fit for you or for a loved one, don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Gold to become one of the first to obtain this brand new device! To learn more about Clarisonic and to schedule a consultation, just call Gold Skin Care at 615.237.8071 today!