chemical peels

Common Questions About Chemical Peels

Perhaps you’ve read a bit about chemical peels and how they’re supposed to promote a healthier, glowing skin surface. Since you know that chemicals are involved, you probably have further questions. How can such a treatment be so effective, and why is it so popular? Do I need to recover from this type of procedure? How deep does the acid penetrate through my facial skin?

During a consultation, we will be happy to discuss chemical peels in detail and explain why they are often favored over other skin rejuvenation methods. However, to educate you just a bit, we’ll talk right now about this effective treatment for various skin problems, and we’ll explain just how simple this type of skin treatment really is.

Is Everyone a Candidate?

In years past, the answer was a definite “No”. People with dark skin, skin that contains a lot of melanin, were unsuitable candidates. However, that’s changed. New acidic mixes have been developed over the past decade, and we can even dilute these acids further and mix a couple of them together to achieve the desired result without the risk of discoloring the skin. Keep in mind that even dark-skinned individuals have more lightly-toned epidermis than what lies beneath, and we can construct a treatment plan that takes the skin tone into account.

What Does the Acid Do?

We usually use a mild acid such as glycolic acid when we perform superficial chemical peels. This treatment affects only the epidermis and is targeting such problems as surface discoloration. The acid is able to affect the damaged or old portions of your skin that need to be rejuvenated or replaced.

The acid is washed off several minutes after it was applied. After a couple of days, the epidermis dries up and flakes away. This signals the body to create a new skin surface, and this means a lot of activity gets going in the dermal layers. Within a couple of weeks, you have a new epidermal layer that is even in tone and show a smoothness that’s hard for you to believe.

We will use a stronger acid if we want to affect some of the dermal layer as well. A medium-depth peel can address problems such as injury scarring, rosacea and melasma. This acid penetrates a bit further down, but the effect is the same as what was described above.

Where Can I Get the Treatment?

We’re here to answer any remaining questions you may have. Chemical peels are popular because they are simple to perform and produce desirable, long-lasting results. Remember, you body can be stimulated to create healthy tissue, and chemical peels do just that. Visit Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville to learn more. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!