Does SculpSure really work?

You can be in the best shape of your life and still struggle with stubborn fat. If you have stubborn fat standing between you and your body goals, we want to introduce you to a treatment that’s proven to eliminate that stubborn fat in as little as one session. At Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN, we are proud to offer Sculpsure, a body contouring treatment that destroys fat cells and eliminates them for good.

Does Sculpsure Really Work?

Sculpsure is an FDA-approved treatment proven to eliminate pockets of stubborn fat through a scientific and proven process. It does work, it is effective, and it will deliver results. You can achieve the kind of results you’ve been unable to get from the cleanest diet and the hardest workouts in just one session.

A Scientific Process

This treatment works according to a scientific process. There’s no voodoo, no magic, and no spells involved. It’s pure and simple science; it’s a cause-and-effect relationship that makes this treatment so effective. Sculpsure works on the premise that fat cells cannot withstand certain temperatures. When they are heated beyond that temperature, they die. Once they die, your body removes them from the target area slowly over several weeks.

Your Body’s Role in the Process

As your body flushes the cells from your system, you will see the slow and steady improvement of your treatment areas. The fat volume in that area will decrease, which will make you look and feel tighter and more toned. It’s pure and simple, but it’s effective, and it works. This treatment isn’t too good to be true; it’s real, it works, and it can help you achieve your dream body.

What Can I Expect From a Treatment Session?

Before scheduling your treatment, we will schedule an initial consultation to help determine if this is the right body contouring treatment for you. At this consultation, we will analyze your problem areas and review your medical history to ensure that Sculpsure is a safe option that will help meet all of your body goals.

Then, once we confirm this treatment is right for you, we will tailor a treatment plan to your goals so that we can treat each of your body areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

Your Treatment Day

On the day of your treatment, you will arrive at our office, and we may mark your treatment areas to ensure accuracy and precision during the session. You will then lie down on one of our comfortable treatment tables. Then, one of our technicians will apply the device to your treatment area and begin the session.

The treatment device will remain intact for approximately 25 minutes per treatment area. Once your treatment is complete, you will be free to go about your day and resume your normal daily activities.

Your Results

While you may not see any initial change in your problem area after your appointment, those changes will come. Typically, most patients begin to see improvements in their problem areas within six to eight weeks of their treatment. You can expect to see a 24 to 30 percent reduction in the total fat volume of your treatment area once your results are fully evident.

It takes the body time to eliminate the dead fat cells from the system, but you can rest assured that your body will get rid of those dead cells, and as a result, your problem areas will get tighter and more toned.

What Are the Benefits?

This body contouring treatment offers patients many different benefits, which is why it is growing in popularity and has become the secret weapon among those who want to perfect and hone their bodies in a way that the gym and their diet cannot. There are so many reasons to love this treatment, from the simplicity of the treatment to the quick appointment times. We love it, our patients love it, and we know that you will too.

It’s a Simple Treatment

Treatments that address stubborn fat with pills and injections can be a nuisance because they rely on consistency, and if you miss a pill or injection, it can negatively impact your results. This treatment does not rely on pills or injections to deliver results; all you have to do is attend the recommended number of quick and efficient treatment sessions to get results.

There’s no guesswork or any work at all on your part; all you have to do is show up and relax as we prepare and apply the device to your treatment area to perform its fat-melting work.

It’s a Quick Treatment

Sculpsure sessions only take about 25 minutes to complete. If you choose to treat more than one area of your body, you can plan on your treatment taking 25 minutes per body area. During your initial consultation, we will give you a better idea of what kind of appointment timeframe you can expect to plan your day accordingly. All in all, this treatment is quick and will give you results much faster than any training session at the gym or a Boot Camp class can.

There’s No Downtime

Another reason why patients love this treatment so much is that there isn’t any downtime. You won’t have to take any time off of work, there’s no lengthy recovery, and you won’t have to spend several days after treatment resting. You can resume all your normal activities once your session is over and enjoy the fact that you’re one step closer to reaching your body goals.

There’s No Scarring

This treatment is completely non-invasive, so you don’t have to worry about any scars. There are no incisions, no need for anesthesia, and no sutures. During a Sculpsure treatment, you will simply lie back as the treatment device is placed on your problem area to help initiate a fat-burning response.

Results Are Dramatic and Long-Lasting

Once you undergo this treatment, your body will begin naturally eliminating the fat cells that have been destroyed by laser energy. Results are gradual, so they do take time to show up, but once they do, you’ll be shocked at the kind of results you can get from such a simple treatment. These results are intended to be permanent, so as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat a healthy diet, and work out consistently, you can expect your results to last indefinitely.

Who Is a Candidate?

The best candidates for this body contouring treatment are men and women at or near their goal weight who still struggle with pockets of stubborn fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Ideal candidates should live a relatively healthy lifestyle and realize that a healthy lifestyle and consistent exercise routine are crucial to long-term results.

Weight gain won’t cause your body to form new fat cells, but gaining weight can cause any remaining fat cells in your treatment area to expand, which will negatively affect your results.

Get One Step Closer to Your Ideal Body Image

Working out can tighten and tone your body, but sometimes you need extra help to accomplish what your healthy diet and fitness routine cannot. If you’re ready to get one step closer to your dream body, we can help. Contact us today at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN, and schedule your initial Sculpsure consultation.