Unwanted or excessive hair growth can cause you to be dissatisfied with your appearance. While a variety of options are available to remove unwanted hair from your face and body, not all are long-term hair removal methods.

Like many Nashville women and men, you may be considering one or more of these hair removal options. At Gold Skin Care Center, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michael Gold and his staff are experts at hair removal. One method that has been around for several hundred years, is electrolysis.  

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What is Electrolysis?

Hair removal by electrolysis essentially involves the use of radio frequency to coagulate the papillar. The papillar is the blood and nerve supply for the hair. By using an ultrafine needle and going into each hair follicle, the heat from the needle “cuts off” the blood supply to the hair will not regrow itself.  Then the hair is lifted out.

For most patients, multiple sessions are necessary to get the desired results. 

Hair Growth

Your hair grows in 3 stages: antagen (growing), telogen ( resting) and catagen (shedding). As hair usually do not all grow at the same rate, your hair can be at different stages of growth at any given time. This is why multiple sessions are necessary. At Gold Skin Care Center, we recommend a session every 2-3 weeks, although your case could vary depending on circumstances.

Side Effects

Although results vary, side effects are mild and temporary. These may include soreness, tenderness, bruising, and scarring.

Electrolysis and Laser

In many ways, hair removal by electrolysis can complement the laser hair removal. The electrolysis can be used on the white coarse hair and then immediately followed by the laser hair removal. 

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After years of persistent acne, i ended up at the Gold Skin Care Center. At his recommendation, I began a round of laser treatments, new medication, and also got some good skin care advice and products. A few months later my skin has never looked better!! - Anonymous.

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