Dr. Gold Discusses His Recent Laser Dermatology Lecture in Caesarea, Israel

By Michael H. Gold, M.D.

Caesarea Israel Laser DermatologyI was recently invited to Caesarea, Israel, to speak to a group of doctors who were brought to this magical place to learn and study not only some of the ancient historical sites that Israel has to offer, but to also learn a little more about laser dermatology treatments and other energy-based dermatology systems.

The trip was made possible by Glenmark from India and by Alma Lasers.

The Latest in Laser Dermatology Treatments

Michael Gold Laser Dermatology LectureUnder the beautiful backdrop that is Caesarea, I lectured to my dermatological colleagues on some new and exciting dermatology devices that will be coming soon to the US marketplace. These include a new hair removal delivery system, which encompasses multiple wavelengths with each pulse of light. In addition, some new Q-switched technology was introduced, which may help change that paradigm in treating pigmentary concerns.

The group was incredibly supportive and I am so glad that I was able to share with them some of my knowledge, some of my thoughts, and some of my ideas as we continually look to expand the horizons of what we can do with our lasers and energy-based devices.

Experienced Nashville Laser Dermatology Care

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