Helpful Tips for Treating Your Acne

Acne can be a frustrating and bothersome physical condition. Acne can affect both teenagers and adults and can range in intensity from a couple of blemishes to pimples and complexion unevenness across your entire face. Approximately 90% of Americans will experience acne at some point in their lives.

While acne is primarily associated with the face it is important to realize that acne can also be found on your back, chest and even the arms or legs. Acne can be caused by a number of factors including hormonal imbalances as well as clogged pores in the skin.

There are many tips for helping reduce the appearance of your acne:

  • Wash your face twice daily with a gentle skin cleanser to prevent oil build-up.

  • Do not scrub your face with a harsh washcloth or sponge. Scrubbing may actually make it worse by irritating the skin.

  • Use a topical astringent to remove excess oil from your skin after cleansing.

  • Don’t squeeze, scratch, or pick the lesions. This can leave tiny, permanent scars on your face.

  • Be sure to regularly clean devices that come in contact with your face, including your cell phone screen.

  • Pull back hair that may hang in your face and contribute to the oil on your skin’s surface, especially during sleeping.

  • In persistent cases, oral medications including oral antibiotics can be prescribed.

Every patient reacts differently to acne treatment. If these helpful at-home tips are not sufficient for improving the appearance of your acne, consider discussing your options with Dr. Michael Gold. Contact our office today to make an appointment.