Which Body Contouring Treatment is Right for You?

Body contouring has become a very common term in our society today. Body contouring refers to the removal of any excess fat and/or skin to reach a more desirable shape or alter your figure and composition of your body to fit an image you wish to obtain. There are many different ways to achieve these goals with different devices and technologies. Most body contouring devices use either radio frequency heat or cooling technology, depending on the type of tissue being treated, the area being treated, and the desired goal for treatment area.

The Power of Radio Frequency Body Sculpting

Radio frequency is used in many different capacities for body contouring. With this technology, we can address skin laxity, cellulite, and fat reduction. In reference to skin laxity, this technology uses radio frequency heat to increase the temperature of the treatment area causing an inflammatory response to, over time, tighten and firm the tissue.

We often use the analogy of raw bacon to cooked bacon. Raw bacon starts out as soft and flexible. Once heat is applied, that bacon then firms up and draws tight. Our bodies have a similar reaction to this heat! When referring to fat reduction, the heat energy actually creates a reaction called apoptosis, causing the fat cells to spill their contents, which is flushed out by the body through your lymphatic system. We encourage our patients to drink lots of water before and after each fat reduction treatment. Keeping the body hydrated helps create a wet environment for the treatment. Hydration helps to conduct heat, thus making the treatment more effective, as well as flush out the body’s lymphatic system after treatment.

Lastly, in regards to cellulite reduction, this body shaping technology uses suction as well as heat to firm and smooth the superficial skin, as well as cause those fat cells to be massaged and flushed out. With radio frequency, most treatments are done on a weekly or bi-weekly series, and the full results are seen around three months after completing your final treatment. Most body contouring patients see the best results anywhere from four to 10 treatments, depending on the fat reduction device used and frequency of treatments.

Freeze the Fat for a Better Body

Cooling technology, better known as CoolSculpting, is a different body contouring technology altogether. CoolSculpting uses cooling of the fat to create a reaction called cryolipolysis, which is the freezing of the fat cells. Fat cells freeze at a higher temperature than any other surrounding tissue, allowing those cells to be destroyed without damage to nerves, skin or other tissue. Once those cells are frozen and disposed of, again through your lymphatic system, those cells are gone permanently! We encourage our CoolSculpting body sculpting patients to also drink lots of water before and after body sculpting treatment, making the treatment most effective. We can usually estimate an approximate 20 – 22% decrease in the thickness of that fat layer with each body contouring treatment. Each area is treated for 60 minutes and can be repeated every four weeks if the patient so chooses. Most patients begin to see their results as soon as four weeks with their full results seen around the three to four-month mark post procedure. The most attractive aspect of These treatments is virtually ZERO downtime! You may return to your regular exercise and daily activities immediately after body sculpting treatment.

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