clear brilliant laser

Learn About the Clear and Brilliant Laser

Every single day we get asked the same question “What can I do to make my pores look smaller?”

Blame it on the Kardashians, blame it on airbrushing and blame it on the sun- no one wants to be seen in public with their pores wide open. Until the Clear and Brilliant came along, we really didn’t have anything that was amazing at reducing pore size and giving people that flawless “airbrushed” look they wanted. Those days are long gone and so are our pores- we have tested the laser and vetted it thoroughly on all ages, skin types and colors and it truly is a miracle pore eraser.

The pore reducing qualities made Clear and Brilliant laser instantly become one of our patient’s most favorited treatment but that’s not all it does by a long stretch. This multi-tasking laser is a quick and easy option for anyone who wants to resurface their skin without major downtime or pain. This little gem also tackles hyperpigmentation, sun spots, sun damage, acne scars and fine lines. We tout it as a lunch-time procedure because it takes about 1 hour from start to finish and patients can go back to work or continue on with their day and nobody will know they had a laser treatment. The benefits of the Clear and Brilliant are remarkable, within 3-7 days your skin will take on an amazing glow, brightness and of course- smaller pores! Since all good things take time- we recommend it in a series of 4-8 for best results.

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