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Look Your Best with NeoGraft Hair Restoration

Losing hair is not something that you wanted to deal with at this time in your life. The fact is anyone can find themselves facing a loss of hair. Along with determining if there is a medical reason behind the loss, it pays to think about how you will go about reversing the damage. One approach to consider is known as a NeoGraft hair restoration. Here are some things you should know about this approach and why you should pursue it.

Understanding the Concept

The idea behind a NeoGraft hair restoration is to transplant healthy hair follicles into areas where your hair has begun to thin. Along with the transplant, there are also treatments intended to infuse the scalp with the nutrients needed to support hair growth. This improves the odds of the transplanted hair follicles continuing to grow and thrive. While the actual process takes months, the effort is worth it when you see new hair beginning to grow.

What are the Benefits of Follicular Unit Extraction?

The process of harvesting hair follicles for the transplant involves a process known as Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. It’s one of the processes that helps to set apart the NeoGraft hair restoration approach from other options. Instead of using a strip harvesting method that collected multiple follicles in an entire secure, FUE relies on collecting one to four hairs at a time. This basically means that the collection is based on harvesting natural hair groups rather than larger sections. Thanks to this approach, the potential for scarring at the collection point and the area where the follicles are inserted remains limited. That also helps with the healing time required after the grafts are completed.

Am I a Candidate for Hair Restoration?

Undergoing any form of hair restoration requires meeting certain qualifications. One has to do with the amount of hair you have remaining. Since it’s necessary to harvest hair from somewhere, there must be enough left to fill in the thinning spots. Your position on what’s known as the Norwood Scale will help determine if you’re a prime candidate for a NeoGraft hair restoration. The scale basically defines the amount of hair loss that has already occurred and what areas can be used for harvesting follicles.

If you’ve been losing hair over the last three to five years and the loss seems to have leveled off, that does indicate now is a good time to consider this type of transplant. Since you are not likely to sustain an unusual amount of hair loss in the future, this one round of transplants will be enough to restore your natural hair line.

Why Should I Consider Hair Restoration?

You’ll have more confidence in your appearance. That’s important, since looking good often helps you feel more comfortable in social settings, at work, and in other aspects of your life. A transplant also means you don’t have to deal with hair pieces that may or may not remain in position. Think of what that means if you want to go swimming or do anything that requires getting the hair wet or tousled.

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