Sculpting Your Body to Perfection with SculpSure

You don’t need to undergo an invasive procedure in order to sculpt the body you have always wanted. Body contouring treatments such as SculpSure are more effective than ever, and you can melt away stubborn fat in as little as six weeks. This amazing technology delivers laser pulses deep into your skin to damage fat cells so that your body can naturally expel them. Our team is ready to help you shed unwanted pounds and finally achieve your ideal figure. 

The Problem With Stubborn Body Fat

We all know that dieting and exercise are extremely important, but losing weight can be a complex process. For quite a few decades, most people believed that they could target specific pockets of fat with certain foods or exercises. Burning more calories than you consume will eventually result in weight loss, but you can’t choose which soft tissue your body is going to metabolize. In some cases, it can take years of hard work before a patient finally gets rid of stubborn fat in areas such as the lower abdomen and flanks. 

Diode Laser Technology

Over the last few decades, invasive procedures such as liposuction have been popular among patients as well as doctors. Liposuction will effectively remove body fat, but this type of surgery can produce many unwanted side effects as well. In addition to a lengthy and painful recovery, some patients also end up with highly visible scars that never fade away. The primary benefit of diode laser technology is that it produces nearly identical results without those side effects. 

When fat cells are exposed to certain forms of energy, the outer walls will break apart. As soon as the body notices that the cells are damaged, it will begin to remove them in a process known as apoptosis. SculpSure utilizes small diodes that emit beams of energy deep into a patient’s skin. This destroys the fat cells without harming any nearby bones, muscles, organs, or ligaments. In the weeks following the appointment, the patient’s fat cells will be completely destroyed, metabolized, and expelled.

What Does SculpSure Feel Like?

Body contouring procedures that freeze fat cells often result in large bruises and serious inflammation. SculpSure, on the other hand, gently melts the fat away with small paddles. Many of our patients claim that they feel nothing at all during their sessions. Following these appointments, bruises generally fade away within just a few days. 

SculpSure appointments last for around one hour, and you don’t need to do anything to prepare for your procedure. Our patients generally arrive in comfortable clothing with a book or magazine to entertain themselves. Visit Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN to learn more, or contact us today to schedule your consultation!