Self-Conscious About Your Nail Fungus?

Has a summer full of pool and beach time left your nails brittle and discolored? While summer activities are fun and full of adventure, they can often wreck havoc on our nails leading to discomfort and the even the development of nail fungus.

While nail fungus can infect the fingernails as well as the toenails, it is much more commonly found in the toenails. Unfortunately, many patients do not even realize that they have acquired nail fungus until it becomes incredibly painful or causes the loss of a nail. If you have developed a thick white or yellowed substance below the surface of your nail, it is very likely nail fungus. Additional symptoms include brittle, dry or peeling nails.

Nail fungus is common in the summer months because it appears after prolonged exposure to warm, wet environments. The good news is that there are many treatments for nail fungus including oral medication, topical creams or nail polishes, or in the worst cases, removal of the nail.

Don’t let your nail fungus leave you in pain, or cause you to hide your feet from the world. Contact the Gold Skin Care Center today to learn more about the options for treating your nail fungus.