Could Your Skin Condition be a Fungal Infection?

Sometimes patients visit the Gold Skin Care Center concerned about an unidentifiable skin care condition. In some cases these conditions and their symptoms are indicative of a fungal infection such as tinea ringworm.

RashTinea?ringworm is a common fungal infection, especially among children, that appears on different parts of the body. It is characterized by ring-shaped, scaly and itchy patches of the skin. Commonly known as simple ringworm, this condition is contagious and is easily transmitted between children and pets – especially cats.

The most common forms of ringworm include:

  • Tinea Barbae, which occurs on bearded areas of the face and neck.
  • Tinea Capitus, which occurs on the scalp.
  • Tinea Cruris, also known as Jock Itch, occurs in the groin area.
  • Tinea Pedis, also known as Athlete’s Foot, occurs between the toes.

While your ringworm may require professional diagnosis, it is not often that professional treatment is necessary to improve your condition. Ringworm often responds well to at-home cleaning and over the counter anti-fungal medication. You should expect your ringworm to clear within a few weeks with this diligent at-home care.

If you believe that you may be suffering from ringworm and would like to learn more or have your condition evaluated by Dr. Gold, contact our office for an appointment today.