Q: What Causes skin laxity?

A: As we age, that wonderful little thing called gravity has its way with our body. We start to get “loose” skin, and we start to see more and more wrinkles as we get older. This unfortunately is all part of life, but there are ways to improve these issues.

Q: How do you treat someone with skin laxity?

A: Since skin laxity is a loss of your body’s own elastin and collagen, we have several laser devises that use thermal energy called radio frequency or RF energy and Ultrasound. Radio frequency is a type of energy that is most commonly used to heat the dermal layer of the skin and creates a process of collagen remodeling. Ultrasound is a heating platform that is able to penetrate and target deeper than just the dermal layer. As we heat up the dermal layer not only are we able to create new collagen but we are also helping to create elastin. Elastin is what give your skin that instant “tight” feeling.

Q: What times of treatments does your office offer for skin laxity?

A: Here at Gold Skin Care Center we take pride in having the most up to date and advanced technology to perform the best possible treatments for our patient’s. We have radio frequency devices as well as ultrasound devices to improve skin laxity. All of our procedures are non- invasive and have little to no downtime. Some of our radio frequency devices include:

  • Exilis
  • Velashape 3
  • EndyMed 3 Deep
  • BodyFX by InMode
  • Forma/FormaPlus by InMode
  • Tripollar by Imogen
  • V shape by Alma

Ultrasound devices include:

  • VaserShape
  • Ultherapy

Q: How many treatments are recommended?

A: When performing skin tightening treatments, six to eight treatments is usually recommended. Unfortunately there isn’t a “quick fix” to treating skin laxity without going under the knife. It is usually recommended to space treatments out every 2-4 weeks.

Q: Why is Gold Skin Care Center the best place to come for treatments?

A: Gold Skin Care Center offers the most up to date technology in lasers, as well as education. Our Laser and Rejuvenation center has won first place in Toast to music city “best laser center” the last 2 years! We take pride in knowing that we are able to care for our patient’s needs with the latest and greatest.

Q: How much do these treatments usually cost?

A: Pricing is based on consultation and evaluation. Please give our office a call to schedule your consultation!

To learn more, please contact us online or call (615) 645-2314 for a comprehensive consultation!

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