Smoother Skin with Chemical Peels

chemical peelsThere are countless skin rejuvenation treatments on the market today ranging widely in effect and price. One of the biggest bangs for your buck can be found in a chemical peel treatment. Although several treatments are often recommended, a chemical peel can offer dramatic results for very little expense.

Gold Skin Care offers more than 100 different combinations of chemical peels that perform skin rejuvenation at varied strengths. All of them work under the same premise. During chemical peel treatment your skin will be professional cleaned and then covered with a thin layer of chemical agent.

After 3-10 minutes that chemical substance will be wiped away from your skin and you will be allowed to leave our office. Within several days your skin will naturally begin to peel and damaged surface cells will slough off – revealing beautiful and supple skin below the surface.

Chemical peels and help improve your skin’s tone and texture and can improve the appearance of fin lines, sun damage and even acne scars.

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