It seems that no matter how hard we try and how hard we work out,  most of us still struggle with “stubborn belly fat.” Stubborn belly fat, otherwise known as a “pooch” of fat located on the upper and lower abdomen, is one of the most common trouble areas for most men and women today. This type of fat is called subcutaneous fat or “pinch able” fat. Subcutaneous fat is located directly under the skin’s surface. An excessive amount of subcutaneous fat can also cause “sagginess” in the lower abdomen. There is also another type of fat that is also commonly found in men and women called visceral fat. This is a “hard” fat that surrounds your organs and intestines. This fat, unfortunately, is only treatable through strict diet and exercising.

To eliminate stubborn belly fat or visceral fat once and for all, schedule an appointment with Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville today! Our dedicated dermatologists have extensive training and experience treating belly fat or other types of body fat that just refuses to budge. Let us help you achieve the body you\’ve always wanted!

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat with Ultrashape

Here at Gold Skin Care Center we are able to offer a non –invasive procedure that was specifically designed to treat “stubborn” belly fat. We were the first in the state of Tennessee to offer the Ultrashape procedure. Ultrashape is a “mechanical” pulsed ultrasound that uses neither heat nor cooling but acoustic sound waves to treat and target subcutaneous fat. The ultrasound sends these waves in a “cone” shape to target only the subcutaneous layer  while leaving surrounding tissues and nerves intact. When these waves are transmitted into the subcutaneous layer, the pressure from the sound waves disrupts the fat cells and destroys them.

The Ultrashape procedure is currently FDA approved for treatment of the abdomen only. It is a three treatment protocol in which treatments are spaced out every two weeks. In those two weeks, your body naturally eliminates the fat cells either through urination or excretion. While this procedure is non-invasive, there is also no downtime. Patients are able to go about their daily routine with no restrictions. It is, however, highly recommended that patients are conscious of their eating habits and also incorporate daily exercise to reach their best overall results. Patients can notice a subtle change at about two weeks after their first treatment.

The Laser & Rejuvenation Center at Gold Skin Care Center is happy to offer the most updated technology with the Ultrashape system. We are now able to offer VDF (vertical dynamic focus) technology that enhances every patient’s treatment. VDF technology is able to target the fat at three different levels, instead of just one. This technology also gives us the ability to perform two passes to the abdomen all in one visit. This second pass helps to enhance results for every patient.

Call Us for Reliable Stubborn Fat Treatment

Patient selection with the Ultashape system is based upon consultation and evaluation. We are proud to offer customized treatment plans to fit each patient’s needs. Give our Nashville office a call today to schedule your consultation! For more information on the Ultrashape treatments, please visit their website at:

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