RealSelf Patient Reviews of Michael Gold, MD

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\”It was my first time here, it was very welcoming and easy to be myself.\”

– M. Morgan

\”Staff was helpful and nice. I will definitely tell people about this treatment center.\”

– A. Thurman

\”They is always great to my child and takes good care of her.\”

– J. Johnson

\”Awesome. I will be back. So hard to find a good doctors office where everyone is great!\”

– C. Guss

\”Everyone is always very friendly and professional. I don\’t have the most “exciting” skincare needs, but the staff always makes me feel comfortable and confident about the care I\’m receiving.\”

– K. Hancock

\”I appreciate everything that the staff does, being courteous, nice, sweet, which they are like that anyway. I\’ve been going have for awhile and I love all of you and God bless each and everyone and never change. Keep doing what you\’re doing.\”

– M. Merritz

\”Our experience in this office has been wonderful.\”

– V. Leding

\”GSC is a great establishment! Superb service everytime! Thank You.\”

– A. Thornton

\”I have been troubled by excessive sweating for as long as I can remember, so when I heard about miraDry I was very excited. The treatment was very tolerable and my sweating stopped immediately. I have had one treatment so far, and I am already sweat- and deodorant-free!\”

— Suzanne

\”While growing up, I would sweat excessively, and with that came the yellow stains on all of my white shirts that I was always so embarrassed by. As I got older I wasn’t sweating as much, but then I was dealing with the horrible white streak on my dark tops from my deodorant. It is exciting to me that I have not had to deal with any sweating or ugly white streaks on my clothes since my miraDry treatment!\”

— Megan