Tips for Approaching Acne

acneAcne is an extremely common dermatological condition and one that does not always require medical assistance. It is of course characterized by red, inflamed blemishes and can appear on the face, chest, neck and back. It is common among teens but also prevalent with adult men and women alike.

While acne does not negatively affect your overall health, it can be detrimental to a person’s self-esteem and confidence in social situations. Acne is typically caused by overactive oil-producing glands within the skin and the bacteria that thrives there.

In order to successfully care for your acne-prone skin at home, it is important to wash your skin every morning and every evening with a gentle cleanser. If you have an active breakout it is usually advisable to avoid harsh scrubs and exfoliators. After cleaning your skin consider using an astringent or gentle toner to provide additional cleansing and treatment. Most importantly, do not pick at acne blemishes.

If at-home cleansing and treatment are not enough to manage your acne – visit our office for a consultation. Dr. Gold may prescribe antibiotics or topical skin care products to improve your condition. Additionally, services such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion or laser therapy may help improve the appearance of your skin.