NeoClear Treatment: Your Solution for Stubborn Acne Problems

  • posted: Dec. 08, 2021

Stubborn acne is among the most common skin problems that can affect you at any age. Acne can also lead to other skin issues like scars and discoloration. Neoclear is designed specifically to combat acne and could be the solution to your problem.

NeoClear by Aerolase is one of the leading medical laser acne treatments in the aesthetics field. It achieves high-quality results by using 650-microsecond laser technology to correct underlying skin problems like inflammation and excess sebum production. Unlike other acne treatments, NeoClear doesn’t produce any side effects and is safe for all skin types.

At Gold Skin Care Center, we offer premier skincare services. Our expert medical team specializes in restoring your skin to its natural glow using the safest, most innovative techniques. If you’re looking for a proven solution for your acne problems, schedule your consultation for this special treatment today.

How Does NeoClear Treatment Work?

NeoClear passes through the skin and heats the sebaceous glands, effectively reducing their size. As a result, your skin will produce less oil, which is one of the leading causes of acne.

The laser energy in this patented device penetrates deep layers of your skin, destroying P. acnes bacteria, the bacterium most strongly linked to acne. Neoclear also reduces redness and inflammation surrounding the tissue. The water-based laser energy works together with your natural supply of collagen, increasing production resulting in improved skin texture.

The combination of sebum reduction, suppressed inflammation, increased collagen production, and clearing of the pores leaves you with smoother and clearer skin. The laser’s 650 Microsecond Technology™ device doesn’t come in contact with the skin and is so gentle that no numbing cream or cooling spray is needed. It is very comfortable for patients and the results can be seen as quickly as a single treatment.

Is NeoClear by Aerolase® Acne Treatment Right for You?

NeoClear works well with all skin types, producing exceptional results in as little as one treatment. If you are suffering from stubborn acne problems, you may be the perfect candidate for NeoClear acne treatment. The main benefits of NeoClear by Aerolase ® include:

  • No downtime
  • Drug-free treatment
  • Side-effect free results
  • Painless process
  • Cost-effective
  • Lasting results

The length of the NeoClear treatment process can take between 10-30 minutes, depending on the severity of the acne breakout. Patients can use this state-of-the-art solution to treat several areas across the body, including the face, neck, chest, and torso.

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At Gold Skin Care Center, healing the skin from the inside out is our passion. Our professionals have years of hands-on experience using devices like NeoClear By Aerolase® Acne Treatment to improve skin health and appearance. Dr. Gold, our world-renowned and board-certified dermatologist, has been serving the Nashville community for over 30 years.

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