The Full Coverage Benefits of Dermablend

Do you ever feel like your skin would look so much better if you could just cover problematic areas? Skin conditions such as acne, vitiligo, birthmarks, scars, bruises, and melasma can contribute to a lack of confidence and, in some cases, depression. Being able to cover imperfections of the skin with little product application can […]

POSTED: 26th February 2018

Top 7 Cosmetic Treatments for 2018

Cosmetic dermatology beauty enhancement trends evolve fast, especially since advancements in technology are literally changing the industry each year. At Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN, Dr. Michael H. Gold is a world-class, board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon who is highly sought-after for his expertise in medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology and aesthetics. Dr. […]

POSTED: 1st February 2018

Get Summer-Ready with CoolSculpting

It’s a new year, and summer will be here before we know it. Maybe you indulged in a few too many treats during the holiday season, and now your jeans feel a little tighter than they did before. Or, maybe you swapped the chocolates for fruits, set aside time to fit in workouts in the […]

POSTED: 30th January 2018

Tame Your Locks with Virtue Labs Haircare

Tired of the seemingly never-ending struggles with your hair? The split ends keep coming. The frizz is overwhelming. The volume never achieves Texas bragging rights. The humidity in the air just turned your freshly smoothed and sleek locks into something resembling a style from the Bride of Frankenstein.  We’ve all had trying times with our […]

POSTED: 3rd January 2018

Tips and Products for Healthy Air Travel

Air travel is stressful, which can have an adverse impact on your skin and health. During the holidays, the stress of air travel and cold weather can wreak havoc on your body in multiple ways, such as through colds, flus, severely dry skin, and nosebleeds. Additionally, the holiday season is primetime for joint, bone, and/or […]

POSTED: 19th December 2017

How to Maintain Healthy Skin in Winter

Maintaining the health of your skin is a year-round, 24/7 endeavor. However, the colder months usually exact a different toll on your skin than summer months do. For example, lower temperatures and bitter winds, along with constantly running heating systems, combine to chip away at the layers of your skin that help your body retain […]

POSTED: 7th December 2017

5 Common Skin Conditions in Adults

Your skin is the largest, most exposed organ you possess, so it endures a lot. From aging and the environment, to illness and injury, your skin can show the consequences of nearly everything that happens to you. Even if you’re the most careful, attentive person when it comes to your skin, common skin conditions are […]

POSTED: 4th December 2017

Dr. Gold First U.S. Doctor to Use PicoCare from WONTECH

Picosecond lasers utilize short intense pulses of energy, that last only picoseconds (1 trillionth of a second). They have become the go-to treatment for tattoo removal amongst dermatologists and aesthetic providers. However, one needs to understand that this advanced technology is not an inexpensive proposition for the doctor or clinic. “What is great about the […]

POSTED: 9th November 2017

Eliminate Stubborn Fat with UltraShape Power!

Four or five times a week, you exercise or hit the gym. You plan and cook your meals and eat well with very few ‘cheats.’ Yet, pockets of stubborn fat persist. It’s frustrating – and we get it. Maybe you’ve been considering a fat reduction treatment to finish off that last bit of troublesome fat. […]

POSTED: 6th November 2017

Why SENTÉ Skincare is Perfect for You

Are you concerned with skin laxity, hyperpigmentation and the overall texture and glow of your skin? If you answered yes to any of these concerns, you may want to continue reading this blog to find out why SENTÉ skincare is perfect for you! SENTÉ is the only skincare line using the magical ingredient Heparan Sulfate […]

POSTED: 23rd October 2017

Celebrities and Botox

Wrinkles can reveal insecurities about aging. Yet they are inevitable for everyone – regardless of status, income, fame level, or genetics – even if some people seem to be defying the laws of both time and gravity. And while some of those aging gracefully are doing so naturally, plenty of people have turned to Botox […]

POSTED: 28th August 2017