Tennessee Anti-Aging Injectable Mouth Specialist

Do These Signs around the Mouth Show Your True Age?

The mouth is one of the most active parts of the body, so the frequency of smiling, eating, drinking, laughing, talking, kissing, frowning, and more creates the perfect conditions for wrinkles to form. The skin here can lose support substances like collagen and elastin very quickly, causing not only wrinkles but also volume loss. At […]

POSTED: 4th May 2017

Which Type of Veins Are Right for Laser Vein Treatment?

Painful or unsightly veins can affect you at any age, but they are particularly common if you stand for long periods at work or if they happen to run in your family. Unsightly veins can also form due to injury, excessive weight gain, hormonal changes, and years of sun exposure. At The Laser & Rejuvenation […]

POSTED: 24th April 2017

Are You Too Old for Acne?

Regardless of your age, acne is frustrating because it does not discriminate. It’s one thing to dismiss it in your teens as just an irritating part of becoming an adult; it’s quite another to find out that dealing with acne is sometimes part of being an adult. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern, either, […]

POSTED: 13th April 2017

5 Types of Facial Wrinkles That Botox Can Treat

The success of Botox as a wrinkle treatment shows no signs of slowing. It remains the only injectable that can correct each of the five types of facial wrinkles: expression, atrophic, gravitational, elastotic, and compression. Still, the incredible track record that Botox boasts wouldn’t be possible without the expertise, skill, and compassion of the providers […]

POSTED: 11th April 2017

What are the Best At-Home Hair Loss Solutions for Men and Women?

In years past, effective options to improve hair loss were not available, especially drug-free options. Today there are a wide variety of effective options available that will improve hair loss, many of which are drug-free. At the Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa in Nashville, we are proud to offer several drug-free options for the improvement of […]

POSTED: 6th April 2017

What Lifestyle Choices Contribute to Facial Aging and Volume Loss?

It’s no secret that, as we age, the shape and structure of our faces change. Many of us long for the days when we took our “baby fat,” in the form of round, full cheeks, and pouty lips, for granted. Studies have shown that by the age of 35, the natural aging process causes us […]

POSTED: 16th March 2017

How Superficial Radiation Therapy is Revolutionizing Skin Cancer Treatment

Dr. Michael H. Gold of Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville is now offering non-surgical skin cancer treatment and keloid removal with Superficial Radiation Therapy by the SRT-100™. We believe every patient has a choice when it comes to his or her healthcare. That’s why we now offer a painless, safe, and highly effective non-surgical […]

POSTED: 9th March 2017

3 Body Types and the Body Contouring Treatments Right for Each

The concept of somatotypes – the idea that there are generalized body types – has been around since World War II. It is based on your skeletal frame and body composition, allowing you to design fitness, diet, and exercise plans based on your body type. What type of body you have is inherited and permanent, […]

POSTED: 6th March 2017

The Best Cosmetic Treatments You Can Do at Home

Are there times you want to come to the office for your scheduled laser hair removal appointment or body tightening service, but life happens and you can’t make it in? Are you interested in receiving one of those treatments but the thought of another person seeing your exposed skin mortifies you? Not every office location […]

POSTED: 2nd March 2017

These Body-Shaping Alternatives Will Make You Forget about Liposuction

Liposuction continues to be the gold standard in fat reduction treatments, but as technology evolves, so do the less painful, less invasive liposuction alternatives. For many patients, the proliferation of these has made non-surgical fat reduction much more attainable. At Gold Skin Care Center, Nashville cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Michael H. Gold and the rest of […]

POSTED: 1st March 2017

The Stubborn Fat Fix That Works

No matter how much I exercise or how well I eat, I still have annoying pockets of fat that I never had before I had my two kids. I’d like to have my flat tummy back, but nothing I try works. How can I make this happen, especially when I don’t have time for a […]

POSTED: 27th February 2017

Melt Stubborn Fat Away in Less Time with UltraShape Power

UltraShape Power is our newest device for fat reduction at The Laser and Rejuvenation Center. This is the updated version of the original UltraShape ultrasound technology, which we have used at our practice in Nashville for years. The non-invasive treatment is a comprehensive solution for non-surgical body shaping, which has been clinically proven in over […]

POSTED: 23rd February 2017