Aerolase Neo Treatments

  • posted: Feb. 28, 2022

Struggling with skin issues such as acne, rosacea, spider veins, or melasma can be stressful and time-consuming. You may spend countless hours at the dermatologist’s office, seeking the newest prescription or technique to improve your skin problems.

Oftentimes the prescriptions can be expensive, or you may experience unwanted side effects. Luckily, there’s a way that you can improve all of these conditions with just one technique.

The Aerolase laser was developed to address a wide range of skin concerns. In fact, it has been authorized by the FDA to treat over 36 conditions that range from acne to skin rejuvenation.

This laser is unique in that it has a short, 650-microsecond pulse duration. Standard lasers such as the YAG laser have a longer pulse. The shorter pulse used by the Aerolase allows it to cool between pulses. This prevents the skin surrounding the treated area from becoming too hot or uncomfortable.

Aerolase laser treatments do not require anesthetics or downtime. The procedure is often described as a mild warming on the skin.

Some laser treatments are not recommended for people with darker skin because of the potential for discoloration. The Aerolase is exceptional in that it can be used by anyone, no matter the color of their skin.

NeoClear by Aerolase Acne Treatment

NeoClear by Aerolase is specifically designed to treat active acne. Its 650-microsecond pulse is used to clear the primary drivers of acne.

This means that it can significantly reduce excess sebum production, inflammation, and p. acnes bacteria. Combined with an anti-acne prescription and a few sessions with the laser, you may see significant improvement in acne skin conditions.

While the laser can greatly reduce the appearance of acne, it can also boost the production of collagen. Collagen can go a long way to improve your skin’s radiance and diminish the appearance of old acne scars.

Using NeoClear to reduce the appearance of acne can be done in as little as one session, depending on your personal needs. Our team will work with you to develop an appropriate skin rejuvenation treatment plan designed to meet your goals. Sometimes additional treatments may be needed to treat or prevent other skin concerns.

Due to the short, 650-microsecond pulses, you should feel a slight warming sensation, but no anesthetic will be required. You’ll be able to leave your appointment and return to normal activities immediately.

A session with the laser is quick — generally, only 10 to 30 minutes long, depending on the severity of the acne and the size of the area treated. The laser can be used to treat a variety of areas on the body, including the face, neck, chest, and torso. It is effective for all skin types, ages, and all types of acne. No skin cooling is required.

NeoClear is innovative in that it may treat all types of acne, whether inflammatory or non-inflammatory.

Inflammatory acne includes pustules, nodular acne, cystic acne, and acne conglobata. These are typically the hardest types of acne to treat and normally require a number of medications before a solution can be found.

Non-inflammatory acne is the most common type of acne and consists of whiteheads and blackheads, which are also called comedones. The severity of non-inflammatory acne depends on the skin comedones.

How to Prepare for a NeoClear by Aerolase Acne Treatment

Preparing for a NeoClear by Aerolase Acne treatment is easy! First, schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable team at Gold Skin Care Center.

At your consultation, we will examine your skin to determine the appropriate treatment plan using NeoClear. Then we’ll review your medical history for any concerns and seek to understand your goals from the treatment process.

What Should I Expect During the NeoClear by Aerolase Acne Treatment?

Initially, we will clean the area to be treated. After cleaning, we will move the laser over the area in a prescribed motion. The entire treatment will only take between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the severity of the acne and the size of the area. You may feel a slight warmth or tingling sensation, but no anesthesia or numbing agent will be required.

Will I Need Time to Recover from the Treatment?

There is usually no downtime required, and you can return to your normal daily activities right after the treatment. However, you should limit sun exposure since your skin may be susceptible to damage.

What Results Can I Expect?

Results from Aerolase Neo treatments are long-lasting. However, future skin conditions may come up. Acne may resurface, but by setting up an appropriate treatment plan with one of our medical professionals, you can maintain your results. We may recommend additional sessions or an acne medication to help control future outbreaks.

During your consultation, ask our medical professionals lots of questions! We are here to assist you and make sure you understand the procedure and what you can expect to see after your treatment. We will give you guidance tailored to your acne condition and tell you what type of results to expect.

Should I Consider Other Acne Treatment Options in Addition to NeoClear?

The NeoClear solution works well with a variety of other treatments, but whether you need them is a question for our dermatologists to answer. During the consultation, we’ll design an anti-acne and skin rejuvenation program specifically for you. We may recommend other treatments in tandem with NeoClear if we feel they would add value.

Ready to Try Aerolase Neo Treatments?

Contact Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN, to schedule a consultation with a dermatologist today! We’d be happy to assist you in meeting your skincare goals.