4 Factors That Could Affect Your Laser Tattoo Removal Results

Tattoos are often considered a sign of independence, uniqueness, or to express the desire to stand out. However, certain circumstances such as maturity or a change of lifestyle, opinions, or views may prompt one to have a tattoo removed. After making the decision to opt for a laser tattoo removal procedure here at our Nashville laser practice, you should know and understand that there are various factors that could affect your laser tattoo removal results. Learn more about these factors below!

1. Your Skin Tone

Although all types of skin tones can benefit from our laser tattoo removal, it has been shown that those with fair to medium-light skin tones enjoy higher success rates. This has to do with how the laser works in removing tattoos– it is more effective when there’s a significant amount of contrast in shades between the tattoo and the skin tone (dark ink on light skin). The lighter your skin, the fewer sessions you’ll most likely need.

2. Quality of Ink Used

Inks of higher quality tend to slowly fade than their low quality counterparts.

3. Color of Ink Used

Darker ink colors such as red, black, and dark blue respond faster to laser tattoo removal than yellow, light blue, and white colors.

4. Tattoo Age and Depth

The older the tattoo, the greater the chances of it fading away. If the tattoo is fairly new, it may take a greater number of sessions for it to be removed than its older counterparts. On the other hand, tattoos in which the ink has sunk deeper into the skin may also require more sessions than the superficial tattoos.

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