5 Beautiful Effects of 10-Minute Restylane Treatments

restylane-dermatology-nashvilleHere at The Laser and Rejuvenation Center, our dermatologists understand that the majority of our patients (and providers!) maintain fast-paced, hurried schedules. It can be a struggle to find time to fit in all of the obligations of our daily lives, much less the things we consider “luxuries,” such as a trip to the hair salon or laser center. For this reason, we offer many services we like to call “lunch time” procedures, meaning they can provide maximum results while only requiring a minimum commitment of time. Of these procedures, dermal fillers are some of the most common; not only are they quick to perform, but the results are almost instantly apparent, and continue improving well after the patient has returned to his or her daily life. Specifically, Restylane treatments from an experienced dermatologist can provide needed results in very little time.

The Benefits of Restylane Dermal Fillers

Restylane treatments are consistently popular for people looking to treatment fine lines and wrinkles due to their effectiveness and ease as a dermal filler. However, not everyone understands the benefits of Restylane dermal fillers. What can you expect from a 10-minute Restylane treatment in Nashville?

  1. Subtle “Lifting” of the Cheeks: Restylane Lyft, the thickest dermal filler of the Restylane family, is approved to restore youthful volume to the midface, sculpting the cheeks and improving folds around the nose and mouth. You can expect to see an improvement in facial contours without the worry of appearing “overdone.”
  2. Blurring of the Fine Lines Around the Mouth: At least once a day, a patient will mention in conversation that she highly dislikes the lines around her mouth, usually prefacing the statement by saying, “I have these ‘smoker’s lines’ but I’ve never even smoked!” Think of the muscle that puckers your lips as a drawstring. Now imagine how many times a day you drink from a straw, close your lips around a bite of food, give someone a kiss, and yes, even smoke (which you should really stop, btw). Now you know where those lines come from. Because it is comprised of such fine particles, Restylane Silk is our go-to dermal filler for the patient who desires a subtle “blurring” of those fine lines, but who does not wish to noticeably augment her lips.
  3. Filling in of the Sunken, “Hollow” Areas Under the Eyes: Many patients come into our office with complaints of dark circles or “sunken” undereyes causing them to appear “tired,” even when they feel very well rested. Both Restylane and Restylane Silk are excellent treatment options for restoring volume in this area, commonly referred to as the “tear trough.” Once the volume is restored, many patients notice a dramatic improvement in those dark circles, as well. In our office, we often use a blunt-tipped cannula for this Restylane treatment procedure, allowing us to safely and effectively correct this area with no bruising and minimal swelling.
  4. A Perfect Pout: Lip enhancement and augmentation has become one of the most commonly requested procedures in The Laser and Rejuvenation Center. If you’ve ever tried a lip-plumping gloss, you know that the swelling effect is very temporary and requires multiple applications throughout the day; Restylane treatments can give you a similar (or more dramatic) effect, lasting close to six months. Restylane can also correct slight asymmetries in the lips, as well as replenish volume lost through the aging process.
  5. Renewed Confidence and the Gift of TIME: Most of our patients don’t want to look like celebrities, they just want to feel comfortable running to the store without first having to camouflage dark under-eye circles, wear their favorite lipstick without it bleeding into lip lines, or even pose for a family photo without worrying about camera angles or lighting. Restylane treatments can help to correct these slight imperfections in less time than it takes to erase them in Photoshop or pick the perfect Instagram filter! And these days, who doesn’t need more time?

Learn more about Restylane treatments by visiting the official Restylane website.

Restylane Treatments Tailored to Your Needs

To learn more about what Nashville Restylane treatments can do for you, get in touch with the dermatologists at The Laser and Rejuvenation Center at the Gold Skin Care Center by calling (615) 545-2314 or filling out our online contact form. Effective skin care can start today!

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