5 Types of Facial Wrinkles That Botox Can Treat

Tennessee Facial Lines Creases DermatologistThe success of Botox as a wrinkle treatment shows no signs of slowing. It remains the only injectable that can correct each of the five types of facial wrinkles: expression, atrophic, gravitational, elastotic, and compression.

Still, the incredible track record that Botox boasts wouldn’t be possible without the expertise, skill, and compassion of the providers who administer the injections. Botox is effective that a delicate touch and precise hand is necessary for natural-looking results. Contact board-certified dermatologist Dr. Michael Gold and his incredible injectable team at the Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville to achieve the refreshed look you want.

A Wrinkle is Not Just a Wrinkle

Not all wrinkles are the same, so choosing the right dermatologist is imperative to assure proper results.

Traditionally, wrinkles have been divided into two categories, dynamic and static. However, as medicine, science, and technology have evolved, so have the various types of wrinkles, though there is a degree of fluidity since many wrinkles form due to a combination of factors.

In general, dynamic wrinkles form from daily, repeated movements of your skin, often sub-categorized as expression wrinkles or elastotic wrinkles. On the other hand, static wrinkles form due to gravity or the loss of the basic structure of the skin, commonly sub-categorized as atrophic wrinkles, gravitational sagging, or compression lines.

Dr. Michael Gold and the friendly, experienced injectable staff at the Gold Skin Care Center know wrinkles. They understand that the difference between natural-looking improvement and dissatisfaction is a fine line.

Expression Wrinkles

You know these commonly as frown, smile, or laugh lines for obvious reasons: they typically form wherever and whenever you make an expression, especially around the mouth, eyebrows, eyes, and forehead.

Expression wrinkles are nearly impossible to prevent without trying to appear emotionless the rest of your life. Your facial muscles are responsible for the creases that form in the skin because they are the only muscles that are attached directly to your skin. This means when a facial muscle moves, the skin follows suit. Over time, a crease or fold can develop, particularly as the skin grows thinner.

Botox wrinkle treatment works by relaxing the underlying muscle, which in turn smooths out the wrinkles for smoother-looking skin.

Elastotic Wrinkles

Elastotic wrinkles form when the skin has lost its elastic structure, causing the skin to sag and wrinkle. They start fine and superficial, like many wrinkles, and then deepen over time. These form mostly on the cheeks, upper lip, and neck (where they appear as bands wrapping the neck).

As opposed to expression wrinkles, elastotic lines and creases can be prevented. It’s not difficult but it takes commitment and diligence, such as following a daily skin care routine, limiting exposure to the sun, and not smoking.

Botox is effective for this type of wrinkle removal. However, lip lines are among the finest of facial lines, so choosing the right doctor means everything. For even better, longer-lasting effects, a combination wrinkle treatment of Botox and fractional laser resurfacing may be suggested.

Atrophic Wrinkles

These wrinkles and lines are similar to elastotic lines because they usually form due to lost structure and support deep in your skin. They often manifest as parallel lines on your forehead, usually as a result of squinting or furrowing your brow.

Even if you don’t squint often, these lines can form as a result of aging, so even preventative measures may not work. However, since these lines form from the loss of your skin’s collagen and elastin, a regular skin care routine that includes keeping hydrated, applying moisturizing skin creams or lotions, and limiting sun exposure can help.

Elastotic lines can be difficult to correct because collagen loss results in thinner skin. Botox has shown to be effective, but the injector’s skill and touch are paramount. A combination of Botox and laser skin resurfacing in Nashville often enhances and extends the duration of the effects.

Gravitational Sagging

Wrinkles from gravitational sagging often look as if the skin itself has deflated, which distinguishes their appearance from other wrinkles. Because they form mostly due to gravity, they are characterized by skin laxity and saggy skin that can appear on any part of the face.

These types of lines also form due to a loss of collagen and elastin, both of which can happen from aging or sun damage as well as gravity. Nasolabial folds and deep lines that appear to make the skin droop epitomize gravitational sagging.

A traditional facelift is very effective in addressing these wrinkles, but not everyone wants surgery, and not every wrinkle needs such an invasive technique. Botox injections may offer a subtle improvement on gravitational sagging, but dermal fillers and skin tightening laser treatments will be necessary to achieve the youthful look you want.

Compression Lines

The most recent type of wrinkles that have been discovered, compression lines are distinctive from other wrinkles. They appear when you compress the skin on your face against an object for a period of time, such as squishing your face against your pillow nightly as you sleep on your side, which is why they are also referred to as sleep wrinkles.

Compression lines usually appear on the face, neck, and chest. When they first begin forming, they are noticeable in the morning and then fade after a few hours. However, as you repeat the actions, they stop fading and end up staying.

Sleeping on your back or using a pillow that reduces the pressure on your skin can prevent these wrinkles. If you already have these wrinkles, however, Botox is very effective. As with other wrinkles, though, a combination of Botox, dermal fillers, and laser resurfacing is even more effective and long-lasting.

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