All About Moles

FractoraMoles are considered one of the very most common skin conditions and are in fact very well known to dermatology patients as well.  Moles can appear in almost any size, anywhere on the body and often appear both alone and in small clusters or groups. Moles can also vary in their appearance with some being very dark brown or black with others appearing more red or very light brown.  Your moles may appear smooth and flat, almost like freckles, or may be rough and raised against the skin. Some moles even grow hair while others do not.

For most patients and most moles – these skin spots are completely harmless. They are often caused by sun exposure or changes in the body due to age.  However, it is important for all of us to pay close attention to all of our moles. While most are perfectly normal and healthy skin tissues, some may be more prone than others to develop into cancerous tissue.  It is important to monitor your moles for any early warning signs of cancer such as a sudden change in the color, shape or size of your mole.

A mole can be removed for cosmetic reasons by excision. If it is deemed to be cancerous, it may be recommended that your mole be removed by Mohs surgery to ensure complete removal of the cancerous tissue.

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