Autoimmune Conditions that Can Affect Your Skin

Autoimmune DisordersThere is no shortage of dermatological conditions that can wreak havoc on your face and body. Autoimmune disorders are no exception and can cause lesions on the skin, discolorations and other trouble for your complexion. The most common auto-immune conditions Dr. Gold diagnoses and treats include:

  • Vitiligo: causes your skin to lose melanin. This creates patches of lighter, white skin on the affected area. The patches will likely grow larger over time and are most noticeable in patients with darker skin tones. While there is no cure for this condition, treatment is available to stop its progression.
  • Urticaria: commonly known as hives, urticaria presents are red, irritating welts on the skin. These welts can vary in size and be triggered by a number of factors including stress, the environment or a health condition. Antihistamine products often alleviate the symptoms of hives.
  • Morphea: causes red and purple patches to appear on the skin. Morphea often appears on the torso, chest and back. It can also cause pain in the bones and joints. Treatment is available.

If you believe that you suffer from an autoimmune disorder or have noticed sudden changes in your skin similar to those described above – contact our office for a consultation.