How BOTOX in Nashville May Help with Eye Problems

BOTOX injections have helped thousands of women seamlessly erase fine lines and wrinkles, and other signs of aging. But what most people don’t know is how BOTOX can be used to treat medical conditions, including conditions of the eye.

BOTOX is actually made using a rare form of food poison called botulism. Clostridium botulinum bacteria in food produce a botulinum toxin. When injected into humans, this toxin prevents nerves from sending messages to muscles to make them move, so they ‘freeze.’ That‘s why BOTOX works on wrinkles and fine lines — it relaxes the muscle and smoothes it out.

Beyond cosmetic uses, Botox can also be very useful in treating eye conditions.

Lazy Eye

One common eye problem is having one eye positioned out of coordination with the other. Eye muscles work together to keep eyes straight. If one of these muscles becomes weakened, it can cause the eye to become unaligned with the other eye, a condition called strabismus, commonly known as “lazy eye.” Patients with strabismus who have been treated with Botox experience great results, their eyes re-aligning. This happens because the BOTOX freezes one muscle, allowing the weakened one to become stronger.


BOTOX has also been proven to work in patients with eye spasms. The injection relaxes the muscles triggering the spasms, and they eventually subside or go away completely. This can also help manage uncomfortable side effects such as headaches.

Using BOTOX has been proven as more than just a cosmetic procedure. It can help alleviate all sorts of eye problems, as well as other ailments.