How Can the Venus Legacy Help You?

When I was a teen, I watched my mother diligently apply sunscreen every day. Of course, because I was a teen- I scoffed at this nonsense and proceeded to lay on the roof covered in baby oil with a boom-box and a can of Tab. Now I am left with sagging skin. It’s not just isolated to my jawline and jowls… the sagging appears to have spread to the strangest locations like elbows, knees and well honestly the whole body. No need to worry though – there is a solution to this madness. Introducing Venus Legacy – my new best friend who finds ways to lift me up whenever or wherever I may need it.

The Legacy works through safe and tested Radio Frequency waves that deliver a gentle heat to dermis of the skin. The dermis of the skin is where the structure lies- collagen and elastin bands together and as we age it starts to breakdown creating sagging skin and lumpy cellulite. The Legacy rebuilds that collagen framework and smooths the surface of the skin. It is a painless and easy procedure.  The Venus Legacy is a quick procedure that takes about 1 hour.  This treatment is recommended in a series of 6-8 treatment for optimal results.  There is no downtime with this procedure allowing you to continue on with your daily route immediately following the treatment!

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