Is a Chemical Peel Right for You?

Are you considering a cosmetic treatment for your face but not sure where to start? As we age it is common to experience skin conditions such as the development of fine lines, sunspots or even changes in the texture of your skin. A chemical peel is a great, affordable option for cosmetic or medical spa patients who are seeking improvement to their appearance but are not ready to commit to more costly options or are not in need of more invasive procedures.

Gold Skin Care Center offers over 100 different types and strengths of chemical peels. This means that when you enter our office for treatment you’ll be receiving a product that can be formulated especially for your unique skin type. Dr. Gold or an aesthetician will careful evaluate your skin prior to treatment, discuss your skin care goals with you and then recommend the appropriate chemical peel to yield optimal results.

Chemical peels are effective by gently removing the top layer of your skin, often the most damaged layer. With the removal of damaged, old skin cells via chemical peel you’ll reveal bright, rejuvenated skin free from many of the sun spots, lines and other imperfections you were seeing in the mirror.

Depending on the strength of the product, chemical peels may or may not require down time on your part. Typically peels are applied in our office or medical spa and then two to three days later your skin will begin to peel and repair itself, revealing beautiful new skin below the surface.