Hair Restoration

Choose NeoGraft for Hair Restoration

Those dealing with hair loss can feel like there is no hope. In the past, options were limited. Thanks to medical and scientific advances however, there is now the revolutionary treatment known as NeoGraft™. This method of hair restoration can give you dramatic results and have you looking and feeling like yourself again.

How Does NeoGraft™ Work?

NeoGraft™ is an automated hair transplant system. It uses Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), which is much quicker and far more accurate than the old, manual method of doing things. This method of extraction requires no surgical openings or stitches. The steps that go into the NeoGraft™ treatment for hair restoration are as follows:

  • Removing the Donor Hair – Hair is carefully chosen from the back of the head to be implanted into the target area. This hair has been shown to have the best odds of successful implantation.
  • Prepare the Follicular Units – The grafts that will be implanted are all made to be the same length and consistency. This has been shown to further increase the chances of successful implantation.
  • Preparing the Implantation Area – Recipient sites for the hair transplants will need to be made. They are crafted with the proper orientation, direction, and angle in order to make your results look natural.
  • Implant the Hair Grafts – After separating the hair grafts by size, they are carefully implanted in the recipient sites. Each graft will be implanted individually in order to ensure accuracy and a high chance of success.

Results with NeoGraft™

Once the implantation is complete, the follicles will still be alive and will continue to grow at their normal rate. After a few weeks, this hair will shed. This is a normal and natural part of the process. New hair growth then will appear after a few months and grow at the same rate as the rest of your hair.

Who Should Consider NeoGraft™?

Good candidates for this treatment will have moderate to severe hair loss, but still enough donor hair. They will also be in good overall health and have realistic expectations for their results. Although men and women lose hair for different reasons, NeoGraft™ can be an effective treatment for almost everyone. Whether your hair loss is being caused by genetics, stress, medications, or disease, this treatment can help.

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