Hair Transplant

Come to Nashville, TN for a Hair Transplant

When you have lost hair on your scalp, you can undergo a hair transplant in Nashville, TN. A modern hair transplant can change your appearance and improve your self-esteem, but you will want our experts to perform this procedure. The loss of hair is usually genetic, and it primarily occurs in males. Today, it is easy to undergo a hair transplant using your own hair from other areas of your scalp, or it is also possible to use hair follicles from other areas of your body. 

First, you need an evaluation from a hair-transplant expert who can determine if your scalp and hair follicles are healthy enough for transplantation. If the physical examination reveals that you don’t have a healthy scalp or hair, then we can improve these with medication or vitamins. When you are ready for a hair transplant, you should arrange to take time off from work for the procedure and the recovery process. 

Hair transplantation is considered minimally-invasive, so you won’t need sedation, but we will inject numbing medications into your scalp and the donor site. Follicular unit transplantation is a common procedure that requires only a few hours of your time. There are two ways that you can have hair transplanted, including follicular unit extraction or strip harvesting. Many men only require a single procedure, but you may require multiple sessions if you have a lot of hair loss. Our surgeon will give you guidelines to follow such as avoiding any medication that causes any blood thinning along with not smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. 

Strip Harvesting Hair Transplantation

This is an office procedure in Nashville, TN, so you won’t need to stay at a hospital. After arriving at our medical facility, we will cleanse your scalp and hair to remove any bacteria. For strip harvesting, a section of scalp is removed from the back of your head so that the technicians can harvest healthy hair follicles that we will implant into the bald areas of your scalp. The donor hair follicles are implanted using a puncturing technique that is angled into the skin. 

The strip-harvesting site will have a thin long scar that is covered by your other hair on the back of your head. The recovery process lasts two weeks, and you will take antibiotics to prevent infection. In addition, you must return to our office to have the sutures removed from the strip harvesting incisions. 

Follicular Unit Extraction Procedures 

An alternative type of hair transplant in Nashville, TN, involves only extracting the hair follicles from the back of the scalp or other areas of the body rather than removing a strip of skin. Follicular unit extraction requires more time, so you are more likely to need multiple sessions, but you won’t have a long scar on your scalp. The recovery time is shorter, so you will only need to take one week off from work. 

To learn more about the hair transplant options we offer at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN, contact us today to schedule your consultation!