Common Questions: Does Bellafill Really Last 5 Years?

When people hear dermal filler, they may think of anti-aging treatments meant to correct wrinkles, fine lines, and other cosmetic concerns associated with growing older. But did you know that dermal fillers can also be the best solution to correcting acne scars in people as young as 21 years old? Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN offers Bellafill, a dermal filler that can correct both the signs of aging and the facial scarring resulting from acne.

What Is Bellafill?

This FDA-approved injectable collagen filler has a polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) base which both supplies collagen directly to your skin cells for immediate results and forms a network of supportive microspheres to provide lasting structure and retain results. The microspheres are un-resorbable, which means that your body won’t absorb them over time as it will the collagen. They also act as a bio-stimulant, encouraging your body to produce natural collagen and ultimately strengthening the structure of your skin on a cellular level.

This filler is injected by your doctor and, unlike other dermal filler, is not absorbed by your body in the normal 18-24 month time frame. The microspheres will continue stimulating collagen production for as long as they are present in your skin, resulting in a treatment that continues over a long period. Know how long does bellafill last?


This treatment was first approved in 2006 to smooth nasolabial folds or smile lines. Since then, it has also been approved to target wrinkles, act as a filler for the under-eye area, lips, and nose, and correct acne scarring by lifting the level of the pitted scars to the level of the rest of your face, resulting in a smoother, less textured complexion.

Thanks to its long-lasting design, it’s the ideal choice for filling acne scars; there’s no need to return every year for maintenance visits, saving you time and allowing you to live your life without worrying about scarring.

How Long Does It Last?

This treatment is proven to last a minimum of 5 years. Most patients see visible improvement in smile lines 3-6 months after treatment, while acne scars are almost immediately corrected thanks to the boost of collagen upon injection. Due to the microsphere support structure, your skin will continue to improve for 12 months, and patients have a 90% satisfaction rate at this point.

It’s likely that even after 5 years your skin will continue to look healthy and smooth. Many people experience results that can last as long as 8-10 years after injection.

Get the Benefits of Bellafill

Whether you’re ready to say goodbye to acne scars that are almost impossible to cover or want a long-term solution to fine lines, Bellafill could be the treatment you’ve been looking for. This treatment is nearly unprecedented in its long-lasting nature and collagen-boosting microspheres, which sustain the results of the treatment for years and leave you looking and feeling your best. If you’re ready to speak to a professional about Bellafill, contact the experts at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN to set up your initial consultation today!