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How many times a day do we look at our skin and question ourselves, “Why do my pores have to be so big?” or “My skin looks so dull, what can I do to help liven it up?” or even the dreaded, “How did this mountain appear overnight?” We critique our skin under so many circumstances, often accepting the current state of our skin when in reality, we don’t have to.

When we notice split ends in our hair, we know to make an appointment with a cosmetologist licensed for maintenance with our hair.  When we notice our nails have grown out or the polish on our toes is far past any point of being seen in public, we know to schedule an appointment with a licensed nail technician for maintenance.

There are licensed professionals who have training and knowledge of methods, devices, and ingredients to help people change the biggest critiques of our skin.  Licensed aestheticians can use products and techniques to optimize your results when you want that change in texture, even skin tone, or clarified pores.

The Perks of Customized Facials

During a customized facial, your aesthetician will do an in-depth consultation with you to determine what products will be ideal to use on your skin.  Steam is used to open the pores, which allows better product absorption. This is wonderful, especially during the summer months when everyone tends to produce a little more oil and pores tend to clog a little more often with all the sweating, heat, and humidity happening.

Tennessee Skin Cancer Prevention SpecialistsWhat to Expect During Your Face Rejuvenating Session

Most facials will begin with a simple double-cleanse.  All this means is that the aesthetician is making sure to remove any excess makeup, oils, etc. before proceeding to analyze the skin even further with a magnification lens and light.

Extractions are performed, they are often called “the necessary evil” but when finished, those pesky blackheads and small (or giant, we don’t discriminate) pimples will be cleaned and cleared away.

Exfoliation is applied.  This can be either a physical exfoliation typically in the form of a mask with grit and texture to really help slough off dead skin cells and reveal a smoother texture.  The other exfoliation method would be chemical, most often used like a mask but with some enzymes that work just like the Scrubbing Bubbles commercial says, “We work hard, so you don’t have to.”

Another portion of the treatment would be the treatment mask.  Aside from the cleansers and serums, treatment masks are one of the most customizable aspects of the facial treatment. The treatment mask will stay on the skin for approximately 10-15 minutes to allow enough time to let the transformative ingredients sink into the skin and do their job properly. There are masks to help with hydration and clarifying, detoxifying, brightening, and evening out the skin tone.

Most typical facials will also include a facial massage. This will be very soothing to the skin, and with the amount of pressure applied, can increase circulation and relieve tension.  By doing this, the skin will have a nice glow and a revived appearance.

We then end all facials by adding a serum geared towards your desired skin need.  Serums contain the smallest molecules, therefore, are absorbed into the skin to reach its full potential at the deepest level possible.  Most serums also have the strongest percentage of the active ingredients, which make them the most powerful. Redness-reducing? There’s a serum for it. Anti-aging? There’s a serum for that. Brightening to shine brighter than J Lo before she rocks out on stage? There’s a serum for that.  After your serum is applied, your eye cream, moisturizer, and SPF will all be applied to make sure that before you set foot outside our spa you will be protected.

All of these wonderful products are applied and massaged into the skin in such a way that not only will your skin feel smooth and clean, but you will also walk away feeling rejuvenated. We always recommend a facial as a fantastic treatment every 4 weeks or so.

Be prepared to look a little disheveled after you leave, after all, there is a ton of massaging of products and rejuvenation happening. You will probably feel relaxed and look it too. That’s okay.  That means you received just the right amount of both pampering as well as cleaning action to your skin.  Napping is encouraged, snoring will be the equivalent to a pat on the back to your aesthetician.

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