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Dr. Gold’s Athlete’s Foot Cure in Nashville, TN

Itchy Feet Doctor TennesseeAthlete’s Foot is one of the more common skin conditions affecting adolescents and adults. Unfortunately, the knowledge regarding prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of such condition is not as widespread as it should be – given its prevalence. For one thing, inaccurate terms, it is actually a fungal infection caused by fungi belonging to the genus Trichophyton. The skin condition is also referred to as “ringworm of the foot” and “tinea pedis”.

What It Looks Like

Tinea pedis normally manifests itself on the foot. The symptoms typically come in the form of flaking, scaling, and itching in the affected foot area. Understandably, the major complaints relate to the itchy and sore feeling of the feet.

Although not an ever-present symptom, individuals with athlete’s foot are also vulnerable to having smelly feet, particularly because such feet are subjected to warm and moist environment inside the shoe. It should be noted, however, that having smelly feet may be due to an entirely different medical condition called hyperhidrosis (which is often confused with athlete’s foot).

Where It Starts

The fungi that cause athlete’s foot thrives in a warm, moist environment with minimal to zero ventilation making shoes the perfect place for Athlete’s Foot to start. Indeed, frequent and long hours of wearing shoes may likely encourage fungal growth leading to tinea pedis. Shoes create a tight space and less ventilation. So while it may affect any area of the foot, the infection usually occurs between the toes or on the instep.

Shoes aside, tinea pedis is also a communicable disease. It may be spread by wearing the shoes of a person with athlete’s foot. It can also be picked up through the use of anything with an infected surface.

Is There A Cure?

At Gold Skin Care Center, Dr. Michael H. Gold will allow you to experience both the art and science of skin care. His practice specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases from the hair to the toenails. Dr. Gold is a Board-Certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon, based in Nashville, Tennessee. He will introduce and explain thoroughly various forms of Tinea Pedis treatments, zeroing in on the pros and cons of each treatment in relation to the particular skin condition of the patient. The best news is that there is really a number of Athlete’s Foot Cures at Gold Skin Care Center – which patients can choose to undergo to end their fungal infection once and for all.

The cure for fungal infection may involve the use of topical antifungal agents – in the form of a cream, powder, gel, or spray. With this course of treatment, Dr. Gold constantly reminds each patient to continue the prescribed timeline even if the itching associated with infection already subsided. This is to ensure that the infection is completely cured, instead of just eliminating the symptoms. Moreover, the topical treatment works best in conjunction with hygiene measures to be outlined as well, upon consultation, by Dr. Gold.

For prolonged or severe cases of infections, the treatment may already necessitate for oral antifungal medications, like terbinafine and fluconazole. There are also alternative treatments, although may not cure the underlying fungal infection, that can improve the symptoms of an individual with athlete’s foot. All patients can expect from Gold Skin Care Center the most advanced dermatology treatments available and the highest level of patient care.

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