Eliminate Stubborn Fat with UltraShape Power!

Tennessee Non-Surgical Fat ReductionFour or five times a week, you exercise or hit the gym. You plan and cook your meals and eat well with very few ‘cheats.’ Yet, pockets of stubborn fat persist. It’s frustrating – and we get it. Maybe you’ve been considering a fat reduction treatment to finish off that last bit of troublesome fat. While a few procedures can help you hit your body shaping goals, a non-invasive treatment is, for many people, the ideal answer.

For years, Gold Skin Care Center founder and director Dr. Michael H. Gold and his exceptional staff in Nashville have used UltraShape as a non-invasive body sculpting alternative treatment. Now, however, UltraShape has upped the ante with UltraShape Power, the latest in cutting-edge fat reduction treatment.

Let’s take a look at how UltraShape Power can benefit you – and how it’s distinctive from the original UltraShape.

UltraShape Power for Body Contouring

Ultrasound is familiar to many people because of its use in giving parents a first-glimpse of their child inside the mother’s womb. However, this FDA-approved treatment from Syneron-Candela is designed to melt fat around your midsection safely and effectively through ultrasound.

UltraShape Power transmits the ultrasound waves in rapid pulses through a handheld device that is waved across the surface of your skin. Its temperature settings can be controlled as can the depth, allowing the practitioner to customize your fat reduction treatment plan.

The pulses of the innovative energy are concentrated, which is an advantage over other devices that use traditional ultrasound technology. This focused energy breaks down fat cells much more easily than non-focused energy, leaving you with better results.

The innovative power system also has tracking and guiding capabilities to produce a 3D mapping of the area to be treated. You get more consistent body sculpting, more balanced fat loss results, and fewer irregularities.

Your Treatments Can Be Customized

Nashville Non-Surgical Body Contouring SpecialistsBecause both the temperature and depth of the ultrasound energy can be controlled, body sculpting is tailored to meet your needs. You will notice a slimmer midsection in your most troublesome areas within just a few months following the non-invasive fat reduction treatment.

Safe, Precise Body Sculpting

The ability to control temperature and depth allows fat cells to be destroyed at a precise depth that you and your doctor have chosen. UltraShape Power is so precise, its aim so localized, that deposits of fat disappear without touching surrounding skin or tissue. This allows more precise body contouring results and it’s much safer.

Real Fat Reduction Results

Tennessee Body Shaping Ultrasound TreatmentA minimum of three sessions – each lasting about a half hour – is all that is needed to see real results. Normal reductions in fat average around 1.5 inches, although the loss of 3 inches of fat is not uncommon.

Even better, the results are consistent and your fat loss balanced. And although the device can help with your body goals if you have a lot of fat to address, it is particularly successful for Nashville patients who have only a few pockets of localized fat and are in relatively good health.

Be sure to note that your fat loss results may be different based on a variety of factors and that the only way to know for sure is after a consultation with your doctor.

Works on Nearly Any Part of Your Body

Although it is FDA-cleared specifically for abdominal fat, the UltraShape Power device can also be used with great success in the following areas:

  • Butt
  • Hips
  • Love Handles
  • Thighs
  • Upper Arms

Non-Invasive UltraSound Has Virtually No Side Effects

By non-invasive, we mean no needles, cannulas, injections, or incisions. The ultrasound energy destroys fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue, which also means no burns or scars.

No local anesthesia or topical numbing agent is needed, either. Aside from a mild, warm tingling sensation during and after treatment, there are virtually no side effects. Very few patients say they feel anything more than slight discomfort.

Healing is relatively quick and downtime is virtually eliminated.

Get Long-Lasting Results

Within a month of beginning your treatment plan, you can usually begin to see results, though final results won’t be evident until about two months afterward.

If you continue with your regular healthful habits – regular exercise, a nutritious diet, etc. – you can achieve permanent results. However, if you follow bad habits, the fat cells can regrow and put you back in the same shape that you’ve been trying to change.

What are the Benefits of Ultrasound Fat Reduction?

The innovative UltraShape Power device has several advantages over other fat reduction treatments, such as laser body contouring or fat freezing, in the following ways:

  • Reduces fat thickness better
  • Reduces fat more consistently
  • Less painful
  • More comfortable
  • More precise (via 3-D mapping technology)

In fact, UltraShape Power even has benefits over the earlier-generation UltraShape. The state-of-the-art Power is faster and delivers a better outcome. It is not uncommon for patients to experience a reduction in fat of nearly a third after only three treatments; even UltraShape cannot replicate that.

Contact Gold Skin Care Center to Achieve a Slimmer You

If you’ve been thinking about getting rid of stubborn fat as safely and comfortably as possible, new UltraShape Power might be the answer. To learn more, contact Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville today to schedule a consultation. Contact us online or give us a call today.