If you’re displeased with the signs of aging in your skin, from cellulite to loss of muscle tone, then EVOLVE may be the right treatment for you. This non-surgical skin tightening treatment is offered at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN, and we can’t wait to help you learn if it’s right for you.


This non-surgical skin tightening treatment uses radiofrequency energy to spur on the skin to remodel itself. It’s a body shaping treatment that can improve the look of cellulite, tone your muscles, smooth out the skin, and even help you address those stubborn areas that won’t respond to your diet and exercise.

Several things make this treatment particularly innovative.

Hands-Free Treatment

In the era of COVID-19, it can be hard to find effective treatments that don’t require the doctor and client to be very close. EVOLVE is the only hands-free and non-invasive treatment that addresses fat, muscle tone, and skin issues and is approved by the FDA.

It’s tailor-made for social distancing, and once the treatment is running, there’s no need for you to be in close proximity to anyone else. A convenient call button allows you to still communicate with us if you have any questions or concerns.

Flexible Performance

This treatment is also unique in that it can treat nearly any area of the body where you might be bothered by muscle tone issues, skin concerns, or pockets of stubborn fat. This includes the legs and arms, flanks and abdomen, hips, thighs, buttocks, and even the knees.

The treatment is also entirely customizable. We’ll meet with you to discuss your concerns and then adjust your program to match your specific needs and goals.

Non-Invasive and Simple

It’s hard to think of any other treatment that can address so many areas of the body–and so many issues–and yet requires no stitches, invasive procedures, anesthesia, or injections. There is no risk of scarring, no recovery period required, no pain, and no need to carve downtime out of your busy schedule.

In fact, this treatment is so comfortable that many people lie back and enjoy themselves throughout, watching TV, reading a book, chatting with friends via a mobile device, or even taking a nap! This non-surgical skin tightening treatment can also be used on multiple areas of the body at the same time.

Safe and Secure

If the thought of directing radiofrequency energy at your body concerns you, you’ll be please to know that EVOLVE comes with multiple safety features to ensure that every treatment goes exactly as planned. The device keeps track of the temperature and automatically shuts off if it senses temperatures going too high. Meanwhile, it constantly sends audible feedback so that we know exactly how the treatment is progressing.

The treatment screen lets us have a real-time view of what the thermal energy is doing and how it’s affecting the treatment area. And of course, the call button allows you to instantly put a stop to treatment and talk to us at any point.

How Does Radiofrequency Energy Make a Difference?

EVOLVE uses RF energy to generate heat. This heat safely kills fat cells, stimulates muscle to tone it, and causes the skin to tighten and remodel.

Addressing the Skin

RF energy bypasses the sensitive outer layer of the skin to generate heat at the deeper levels. Your body perceives this as an injury. You won’t feel any pain, and there’s no actual injury happening. But your body will send rejuvenating agents like collagen and elastin to the area. This rebuilds the skin’s matrix and enhances cellular turnover, resulting in fresh, tightened, and youthful skin.

Addressing the Muscles

The RF energy from the applicators causes the muscles to contract involuntarily. This basically “exercises” your muscles without you having to do a thing. When it’s done, you’ll feel as if you’ve been to the gym: and after a few sessions, you’ll look like it, too.

Addressing the Fat

Fat cells are lipid-based while most of the rest of our body’s tissues are made of water-based cells. Since fat is more sensitive to heat and cold than water, the RF energy from this treatment can destroy fat cells without harming other cells in the area. Your body then naturally removes them.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Everyone is different, so it’s impossible to say for certain how many treatments are right for your case without a personal consultation. In general, the muscle toning effects can be accomplished in about four sessions, while the skin tightening effects may take six to eight sessions. The fat trimming effect is particularly personal to your individual situation, so come talk to us about your options and how EVOLVE can help you!

Is This a Painful Treatment?

In the world of aesthetics, many people believe in the old saying “no pain, no gain.” Thankfully, that doesn’t apply to this non-surgical skin tightening treatment. This is a very comfortable treatment. All you’ll feel is a little warmth.

Am I a Candidate?

This color-blind treatment works on skin of all tones and colors, and it’s suitable for adults of all ages. Most reasonably healthy adults who are interested in this treatment are good candidates for it, so come for a consultation to get started.

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