The treatment of excess or unwanted hair is a common concern and the staff at Gold Skin Care Center, The Laser & Rejuvenation Center, and Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa are the experts in the region in using appropriate lasers and energy based devices to remove excess or unwanted hair in the safest manners available.

Laser treatment for unwanted hair is a non-invasive approach to permanent reduction and long-term hair removal. Hair growth and one’s hair growth cycle is genetic, so where you grow hair and how much you grow is predetermined in all of us. Hair growth may also be influenced by hormonal changes, pregnancy, menopause, or just by getting older. The long-term method of hair removal of choice in today’s world is with the use of lasers or appropriate light sources. Tweezing, waxing, and depilatory treatments are all temporary treatment options and will change the texture of the hair over time.

Dr. Gold is a pioneer in the laser and light world of laser hair removal, having helped develop and study many of the therapies that are available today. His work has led to safer and better machines and these are all available to use in our clinics.  Our team is well versed in using laser hair removal devices and we are able to develop a treatment plan that works with your hair type as well as your skin color, as not every machine is meant to treat every patient.

As well, Tennessee Clinical Research Center routinely evaluates new hair removal devices. For more information call TCRC at 615-383-9660 or visit to view the current list of studies.

While having laser hair removal treatments, we do suggest that you avoid the sun (tanning) and always wear sunscreen. Hot tub, sauna, or hot baths should be avoided after having laser on certain areas. Most people can have laser hair removal treatment and go back to work or most daily activities after their laser treatment.

How Many Laser Hair Removal Treatments are Necessary?

We are always asked, “How many treatments will I need?” Every person is different and we are treating the hair in the active growing stage. So more than one treatment is required. We are treating growth cycles. For example, if you tweeze five hairs, they all do not regrow at the same time. They may be in different stages of growth. Some medications and certain medical conditions can contribute to unwanted hair growth. Polycystic ovarian syndrome and adrenal hyperplasia may cause unwanted hair growth. These conditions are treatable, but a person might grow hair more than others.

Laser hair removal treatments may take upwards of 4-6 treatments, given at monthly intervals, to achieve the optimum results. Maintenance will also be needed in most, and the providers at the Center will work with you to determine your best coarse of therapy.

The most popular areas we treat are the face and bikini area. So many people are bothered with ingrown hairs on the bikini area. Body hair is not as “hormonal” so most people don’t grow new hair on bikini, legs, underarm, and a few other body areas. Faces on the other hand, are influenced by hormonal changes. So as you grow older, you may notice some new hair growth.

The upper lip and chin are the most hormonal areas on the face, but the “new” hair growth is not the same hair that was removed before, new follicles are stimulated for one reason or another, and you grow new hair. The new hair growth is usually very fine and scattered. In some cases, once you have the laser hair removal treatments, you may never grow any new hair. We recommend maintenance treatments as needed. Don’t start your temporary methods again.

Photo Gallery

See before and after photos of laser hair removal in our photo gallery. If you are interested in this procedure or simply want to learn more about Gold Skin Care Center, please contact our Nashville dermatology office today!