Fight Skin Cancer with Mohs Surgery

A skin cancer diagnosis can be one of the most scary moments of a person’s life. While some skin cancers are less severe than others, all skin cancers have the potential to be disfiguring and even deadly when untreated.  Mohs surgery combines surgical treatment to remove your cancer as well as on-site pathology services to ensure that every cancerous cell has been removed before you leave treatment.

By combining surgery and lab pathology in the same visit, you achieve an incredibly high cure rate. The surgery also helps preserve the highest level of healthy border tissue. This characteristic makes it the perfect surgical excision method for cancers found on the face and other prominent areas of the body.

MelanomaDuring surgery, your surgeon will conservatively remove cancer cells from your skin. Those cells will then be evaluated in the lab to determine if all of your skin cancer has been removed. This is done in real time, while you wait for results.  If necessary your surgeon can then revisit the site and remove additional cells.  You shouldn’t have to return for a second surgery, as can be the case with other surgical skin cancer treatments.

If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer and would like to learn more about Mohs surgery, contact Gold Skin Care today.