Nashville Latisse

The eyes, they say, are windows to your soul. But what happens when your eyes look tired themselves? There’s a huge chance that you’ll look old, haggard and all worn out! Here at our Nashville skin care practice, we understand that all it takes for your eyes to come to life is to put some mascara here and a bit of eyeliner there. But have you ever thought about having longer, darker, and fuller eyelashes for more than just a day?

Latisse for Your Eyelash Enhancement Needs

Thin, sparse, or even non-existent eyelashes are now a thing of the past! Thanks to Latisse, an FDA-approved prescription treatment for those who desire longer and thicker eyelashes.

Why Latisse? First, have you noticed how the eyes seem to get the attention first when meeting a new person? It starts with the eyes, really. Surveys have even revealed that large eyes and fuller eyelashes are seen as signs of youth. Furthermore, longer and thicker eyelashes make one look well-rested and refreshed.

Results in Just a Short Span of Time!

The effects of Latisse are already noticeable in just a few weeks following use. Full results can be expected between 8 to 16 weeks. What’s amazing about Latisse is it’s also very easy to apply!

If you’d like to know more about Latisse for your eyelash enhancement needs, schedule an initial consultation by calling (615) 645-2314 or fill out this contact form! We look forward to helping you look naturally young with thicker and fuller eyelashes!