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Know How Can I Get Rid of Stubborn Fat Quickly?

Millions of Americans are frustrated by the appearance of stubborn fat in areas like the belly, butt, and thighs. Sometimes, no matter how many carbs we cut and crunches we crunch, that fat just won’t go away. At Golden Skin care Center in Nashville, TN, we offer a range of body contouring treatments that can help melt away that stubborn fat for good.

Body Contouring for Stubborn Fat

The phrase “body contouring” refers to a range of non-invasive, cosmetic treatments that use varying techniques to get rid of fat from the areas where it tends to collect. The body’s fat cells are notoriously hard to destroy; they usually only expand or contract as we gain or lose weight. Body contouring techniques aim to destroy fat cells outright using varying techniques.


Cool Sculpting is an FDA-approved process that uses the application of carefully-calibrated cold temperatures to literally freeze away the fat. Fat cells freeze at a slightly higher temperature than their surrounding tissues, so this can be done without damaging the skin or muscle that surrounds the fat. When the fat cells thaw, they break down. Over time, the body will metabolize the dead cells, removing them and leaving behind a smooth, contoured area.


The minimally invasive Kybella injection is approved by the FDA for use on double chins. A Kybella treatment consists of a series of shots with a very thin needle directly into the fat that makes up a double chin. Kybella is the brand name for a synthesized version of deoxycholic acid, a compound that occurs naturally in the digestive tract and breaks down dietary fat. When injected, it goes to work on the stubborn fat that makes up a double chin, dramatically reducing it and leaving behind a slimmer, younger-looking profile.

UltraShape Power

UltraShape Power uses focused ultrasound to vibrate the walls of fat cells so quickly that they break down. At 200,000 vibrations per second, the brain cannot process the feeling, so the entire treatment is painless. When the cells break apart, they are metabolized by the body and are gone for good.

How Quickly Do These Treatments Work?

These treatments all destroy fat cells, but it takes the body some time to remove the destroyed cells. Within a month, most patients will begin to see noticeable results. Those results continue to develop and improve over time. Some people continue to see improvements up to six months after treatment.

Am I a Good Candidate for Body Contouring?

Good candidates for these treatments are in good overall shape and at or near their ideal body weight. It’s important to note that none of these treatments are meant for weight loss. These are aesthetic treatments designed to polish off fat that diet and exercise can’t burn. If you are hoping to lose weight for health reasons, you should speak to your physician about a diet and exercise plan.

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