How Do You Kill a Wart?

If you have warts on your hands, feet, or other locations, you might feel discomfort when you walk, experience itchy sensations, and develop other irritating symptoms. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend years dealing with these growths. Instead, you can correct this health issue by getting comfortable wart removal treatments at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN.

How Do You Kill a Wart?

If you have human papillomavirus, you may develop warts on the surface layer of your skin. We can use a wide range of minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments to kill these benign growths, relieve your symptoms, and improve the appearance of your skin. The wart removal treatment that you receive will depend on the type of warts that you have, the location of these blemishes, and your individual preferences.

Receiving a Series of Swift Treatments

It’s common to develop a small wart on your heels and other locations on your feet. This growth is called a plantar wart, and this problem can be very challenging to remove on your own. If you have this type of wart, we may advise you to use a Swift treatment to clear up your skin. During this wart treatment, we will use a small device to send gentle microwave energy into the tissues that are located around your plantar wart.

This microwave energy will encourage your immune system to address the virus that has caused you to develop a plantar wart. Since your Swift treatment will be very comfortable, you won’t be required to use a local anesthetic during any of your appointments. We will usually kill your wart by providing you with three to four sessions during a period of several months.

Getting a CO2 Laser Treatment

If you would like to remove your warts and correct a variety of aesthetic problems, you might be an ideal candidate for a CO2 laser treatment. This treatment can kill your warts, tighten your skin, improve your acne, and minimize your wrinkles. Our CO2 laser treatment will also decrease your acne scars, improve your skin tone, and minimize your chance of developing additional warts.

Applying a Topical Ointment

If you have genital warts, we may instruct you to use a topical ointment called Aldara to fix this problem. This medication is an immunomodulator that will help your immune system address the virus that caused you to experience this health issue. If you regularly use this ointment, your warts may improve after about one month has passed.

Getting Cryotherapy Treatments

We can also address your warts by giving you quick cryotherapy treatments at our office in Nashville. We may begin your appointment by removing some of the extra skin on your wart. Next, we will use a very cold solution to freeze your unwanted blemish. Under many circumstances, we will use liquid nitrogen to accomplish this task. We will use a cotton swab, a probe, or other technique to gently apply this substance onto your wart.

In general, you will need to receive up to four cryotherapy sessions. We will wait about one to three weeks between each of these appointments. If you have a small wart, we may be able to eliminate this growth by providing you with one cooling treatment. If you have a larger wart, you will probably need to receive multiple cryotherapy sessions.

Using Pulsed Laser Energy

In addition to using cooling treatments to address your warts, we can use a pulsed dye laser to kill these blemishes. If you receive this type of laser treatment, we will use a special device to transmit concentrated light energy into the blood vessels that are located around your benign growth. This is a quick process, and you won’t have to get anesthesia during this type of wart treatment.

This laser energy will damage your blood vessels without causing you to develop uncomfortable rashes, burns, or other skin issues. Destroying the blood vessels around your wart will prevent this growth from receiving a sufficient amount of nutrients. In general, your wart will die after you receive one to three pulsed laser sessions.

Addressing Multiple Warts

If you have multiple warts, you should think about using electric energy to address this skin condition. After we give you a local anesthetic, we will use a needle to send a mild electrical change into your skin. This process can destroy up to three warts during one easy appointment.

Why Have You Developed Warts?

The group of viruses that causes warts is called human papillomavirus, or HPV. Sometimes, you will develop these benign growths after you are exposed to this virus. If you have a damaged immune system or are anemic, you will be more likely to develop warts during your lifetime. You may get this virus if you shake hands with someone who has these blemishes.

Further, you could become infected if you do not wear shoes while you are using a locker room or shower that is open to the public. Similarly, you might experience this health issue if you use shoes, socks, or other articles of clothing that have been worn by someone who has this skin condition. Using someone else’s shaving equipment or towels can also cause you to develop warts.

What Type of Warts Can You Develop?

You can develop several different types of warts. For example, raised growths may appear on the surface of your skin. These blemishes are called common warts. Although this type of wart will probably form on your hands, these growths can also develop on your legs, feet, and other locations.

In addition, smaller and smoother growths may appear on your shins, hands, or face. These blemishes are called flat warts. You might develop over twenty flat warts at the same time. In contrast, warts that develop on the bottom of your foot may look similar to calluses. These warts can cause you to feel discomfort when you stand up or walk. If you have multiple warts on your feet, you will have a condition called mosaic warts.

How Can You Extend the Benefits of Your Wart Removal Treatment?

After you receive your treatment, you should adopt healthy habits that will decrease your risk of developing new warts. If you develop a cut or other injury, you should lower your chance of becoming infected by putting a bandage over this wound. We will also advise you to protect your skin by washing your hands multiple times a day.

You can also lower your chance of getting additional warts and other skin issues by regularly cleaning your feet and changing your socks. Further, you should use a sterile emery board when you are shaping your nails. If you get warts on your fingers, you should not pick at your skin or scratch these growths. Avoiding these harmful habits will reduce your chance of developing additional warts in other locations.

Should You Use At-Home Treatments To Fix Your Warts?

After you develop warts, you might be interested in using at-home methods to fix this problem. For example, you might try to remove your warts by putting your affected areas into pineapple juice, putting tape over these blemishes, or purchasing a lotion from your local drugstore.

Unfortunately, many of these traditional remedies will not destroy your warts. Instead, these techniques could burn your skin or create other problems. Instead of using these ineffective wart removal methods, you should receive a safe and comfortable treatment at our office in Nashville.

Address Your Warts

If you develop warts on your feet, hands, or other areas, you don’t have to fix this frustrating skin problem by yourself. We can improve your health by providing you with a wide range of gentle wart removal treatments. If you would like to hear more about these options, you should set up an initial meeting at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN.