How Long Before You See Results From SculpSure?

Are you ready to finally get the body you’ve worked towards for years? If you are, you need SculpSure at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN. This non-invasive body contouring treatment is performed quickly, works quickly, and lasts a lifetime.

How Long Does it Take to See the Results of SculpSure?

With SculpSure, you will notice your skin is tighter immediately after treatment. You will probably also feel smaller because the treatment liquefies local fat cells. However, it will take four to six weeks to notice the approximately 24% reduction in localized fat cells that this treatment provides.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Your SculpSure treatment may take anywhere from 25 minutes to a couple of hours. During your initial in-person evaluation or remote consultation, we will assess your body fat distribution and give you a better idea of how long your treatment may take. On average, one treatment area will take 25 minutes, and most people target between one and six trouble areas at a time.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The number of sessions you will need depends on where you are on your weight loss journey. If you are 30 pounds from your goal weight, you may need two or three sessions to achieve your desired contours. If you are at your ideal weight, you will only need one 25-minute treatment session to finally get the body you deserve.

What Can I Do to See the Results Faster?

It takes four to six weeks to see the final results of the sculpsure treatment because the liquefied fat cells have to be processed by your lymphatic system. The only way to see the results of your sculpsure treatment faster is to strengthen your lymphatic system. Here are 11 actionable tips:

1. Walk

Your lymphatic system is linked closely to and supported by your circulatory system. The most effective way to see the results of your treatment closer to four weeks than six is to support a healthy circulatory system. The most effective thing you can do to support your circulatory system is to walk.

Walking is important for the health and strength of your circulatory system because it keeps your blood pressure within a healthy range and gets your blood flowing. Note, you don’t have to walk several hours per day uphill. Walking at a moderate pace for 30 to 60 minutes is enough to make a difference in the speed of your results.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking enough water is important for both your circulatory system and your lymphatic system. Most Nashville adults only need to drink around half a gallon of water daily to remain hydrated. However, if your urine is dark and cloudy, you’re dehydrated. You need to drink closer to a gallon of water daily until your urine is clear or pale consistently.

If you can’t drink between half a gallon and a gallon of water daily, flavor your water with a fresh fruit infusion. If you get tired of that, you can drink plain coffee or tea to bring you closer to your daily hydration goals. It is a misconception that there is enough caffeine in these beverages to have a diuretic effect.

3. Eat Lots of Vitamin C

Another important step you must take to boost your lymphatic system is eating at least your RDA of vitamin C every day. A taxed immune system will slow your lymphatic system to a crawl. To ensure you see results as soon as possible, make sure you’re eating at least 60 milligrams of vitamin C. Your RDA will be greater if you are immunocompromised or you smoke.

While there is nothing wrong with taking a multivitamin containing a gram of vitamin C, such a large quantity is not necessary. All-natural ways to hit your recommended daily allowance of vitamin C include eating half of a mango, eating one kiwi, or eating 69 grams of broccoli.

4. Avoid Sugary Beverages

Needing plenty of vitamin C is not an excuse to drink apple juice or orange juice every morning with breakfast. Store-bought juice is highly processed and contains added sugars. Unfortunately, sugar can stress your immune system and weaken your lymphatic system. This will extend the time it takes you to see the results of your treatment.

As a good general rule of thumb, you should severely limit your intake of processed foods. Be very particular about the breakfast cereals you eat, even if they are fortified. Furthermore, you should typically avoid cereal bars, pre-made protein shakes, sports drinks, and canned soups.

5. Meditate

Infections and poor diets aren’t the only things that can stress the immune system and slow the lymphatic system. Emotional stress can also slow your lymphatic system to a near halt. Stress increases the levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, in your bloodstream. Among the side effects of too much cortisol include increased appetite and visceral fat.

This isn’t just devastating if you’re targeting abdominal fat for removal. It can also extend the time it takes to see your final results by an additional six weeks. It may even mean that you need more sessions to achieve and maintain your ideal aesthetic. Meditation is one of the most effective tools at your disposal for minimizing harmful stress.

6. Get a Massage

There are two types of massages that will help you see the results of your treatment faster. First, you should massage the treated area five times daily, five days in a row, for five minutes at a time. This helps your lymphatic system pick up the liquefied fat cells and carry them to your gut for processing and elimination.

Second, you should give your lymphatic system another boost by getting a lymphatic massage performed by a certified masseuse. If you don’t feel comfortable going to a spa, find a local mobile masseuse who will come to your home. Just be sure to ask thorough questions regarding his or her education, experience, and areas of expertise.

7. Fast

The benefits of fasting cannot be overstated. Research suggests that fasting regularly for over 24 hours at a time encourages autophagy. The word comes from the Latin words for self (auto) and eating (phagy). While this may sound harmful, it actually describes the beneficial process of your body consuming damaged tissue and creating healthier tissue.

If you fast for long enough periods, your skin will look tighter, healthier, and younger than you could have imagined. You will also see the results of your treatment up to two weeks faster and feel a lot healthier. As an added bonus, you don’t have to spend half an hour a day wondering what you’re going to eat, prepping dinner, cooking, and cleaning your kitchen. Be sure to talk to us or your doctor about a sensible fasting plan before you start, since there can be too much of a good thing!

8. Juice Fast

While fasting is appropriate for nearly everyone, there are individuals with medical conditions that preclude them from fasting for over 24 hours at a time. Ask your primary care physician if fasting is right for you. If he or she says no, ask if you can go on a juice fast for a week to speed up the results of your body contouring treatment.

A juice fast has many of the same benefits as a water fast. Particularly, you don’t have to waste time wondering about what you’re having, researching alternatives when you don’t have the ingredients in your pantry, and prepping dinner every night. You don’t even have to weigh your food for an accurate calorie count. Simply drink nutrient-dense juices, with no added sugars, for several days.

9. Drink Herbal Teas

Black tea, green tea, and white tea all count towards your daily hydration needs and provide several benefits. However, herbal teas can be even better for you. To give your lymphatic system a boost and see the results of your treatment sooner, drink dandelion tea before you go to bed at night. Dandelion tea also supports good sleep hygiene.

10. Sleep on Your Left Side

Another simple, effective way to support your lymphatic system is to sleep on your left side. When you sleep on your left side, gravity does the lion’s share of the work that your lymphatic system usually has to do.

If you always sleep on your right side and simply can’t get comfortable on your left side, sleep on your back for the first month after your treatment session. You won’t be speeding the results along. However, you also won’t be slowing it down.

11. Sleep With a Diffuser

While some people like to add essential oils to their massages, salads, or bath water, others have sensitive skin. If your skin doesn’t react very well to essential oils, sleep with an essential oil diffuser running while you sleep.

The most effective essential oils for supporting an efficient lymphatic system are lemongrass, lemon, myrrh, and rosemary. For an even better night’s sleep, spray some lavender essential oil on your pillow or rub some cut with a carrier oil on your chest before you go to bed. There is no better essential oil for sleep than lavender essential oil.

Why Should I Choose SculpSure Over Cryolipolysis?

There are several ways SculpSure is a better body contouring method than cryolipolysis. First, it uses heat to liquefy localized fat cells rather than freezing cold temperatures. This means that you won’t get “shark bite” indentations dimpling your skin from where the cold temperatures froze your fatty tissues.

Second, the gentle heat used during this treatment encourages your skin to produce more collagen and elastin. As a result, you will notice an immediate skin tightening after your session is complete. Your skin will continue to lift and tighten for up to four weeks after treatment as your skin continues to produce extra collagen. The skin often sags after CoolSculpting.

Am I a Good Candidate for Treatment?

Only a review of your medical history, body fat distribution, and aesthetic goals can tell us if you are a good candidate for this treatment. However, there is a much better chance that you are the ideal candidate for this treatment rather than CoolSculpting. While there are medical conditions that may preclude you from treatment at this time, there are far fewer such conditions.

While we can’t tell you for certain if you’re a good candidate without an initial evaluation, we can provide you with what we generally look for in a candidate. The ideal candidate for this treatment is no further than 30 pounds away from his or her goal weight, is committed to a healthy lifestyle, and wants to improve his or her contours. He or she also has realistic expectations.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation Today

If you’re within 30 pounds of your goal weight and you have realistic expectations about body contouring results, now is the right time to sculpt the body of your dreams. To learn more about what results to expect from SculpSure, call us today at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN at (615) 383-2400 to book an appointment.