Hyperpigmentation, or darker areas of skin, is a common complaint from patients coming in to our office. Melanocytes are the cells in our skin that make pigment and for various reasons  can become overactive and make excess melanin, leaving patches of darker brown pigment. These patches can take on many names, such as “liver” or age spots, sun spots, lentigines, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

At the Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, our experienced dermatologists can offer a variety of treatment options for patients wishing to get rid of dark areas of skin.  To schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists, please call (615) 645-2314 or contact us online.

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

Changes in pigmentation of the skin can be caused by external or internal factors. Commonly, people complain of sun spots on the face or arms. These are darker patches in sun-exposed areas caused by sun damage. One example of such changes caused by internal factors is melasma, “mask of pregnancy.” This condition includes larger, darker patches of skin, primarily on the face or abdomen, caused by hormonal changes. Pregnancy, or oral birth control pills, can cause such hormonal changes that cause increased melanin production. Some people develop dark marks or patches after rashes, eczema, or acne heals. This after effect is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

One important factor to remember is that sun exposure darkens hyperpigmented areas, regardless of the cause. Sunscreen should always be worn to the risk of darkened areas from becoming darker due to prolonged exposure to the sun.

Effective Treatment Options for Hyperpigmentation

We have many options to address  unwanted hyperpigmentation. Our Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa carries several topical products containing hydroquinone and other agents that lighten the skin, and also offers treatments, such as chemical peels and microneedling to reduce discoloration. The Laser and Rejuvenation Center houses many laser options safe for all skin types. We offer Intense Pulse Light (IPL) devices, Q-switch laser devices, and others that allow us to safely treat all types of hyperpigmentation on all skin types.

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If you are tired of living with hyperpigmentation that is distracting or unattractive, Gold Skin Care Center has the treatment option you need to achieve the appearance you want. From laser therapies to topical ointments and chemical peels, our expert dermatologists can create a customized treatment plan to effectively address your pigmentation concerns and make them a thing of the past! Schedule an appointment online or call (615) 645-2314 today!

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