Dr. Gold and Cindee

Dermatologist’s Wife Shares Her Skin Secrets

Dr. Gold and Cindee
Dr. Gold and Cindee. Check out her fabulous skin!

We’ve always wondered how Dr. Gold’s wife Cindee keeps her skin so radiant and healthy, so we decided to pick her brain with a few questions and take a peek into her bathroom cabinet!

Q: Cindee, you and Dr. Gold have been married for over 30 years, and you guys have spent a lot of that time traveling the globe! What are some of your favorite travel products that you wont leave the house without?

A: A good moisturizer is very important to me, and I use different ones for different purposes. Right now I am using Eau Thermale Avene because I need the SPF 25 when I am running outside. In the evening I switch to Nia-24 Intensive recovery complex which does repair work while I sleep and I love the scent. Sometimes I use Chantecaille Pure Rosewater Spray and Rose de Mai Cream just because it makes me feel pretty before I go out in the evening. Darphin Soothing cream is also a favorite. I do NOT take glass jars when I travel.

Q: As a busy mother of two children and two dogs, do you have any beauty tips for a busy mom?

A: Well … the dogs do get impatient in the morning, so I wash my face with a  gentle cleanser then use moisturizer with a sunscreen and lastly I apply a great lip conditioner, and I’m good to go. I keep a basic brown eye shadow, black mascara and a light red lipstick in my pocketbook for later application. I seldom use foundation or blush, and I try to smile as often as possible!

Q: Although you prefer a simple beauty routine because of your busy schedule, what is your favorite beauty splurge or treatment?

A: When I have the time, I experiment with under-eye and neck products and skin-tightening lasers. I love the lifting effects of the Pelleve skin-tightening treatment [available at Advanced Aesthetics Medical Spa!], and I also make time for cleansing facials [the spa offers facials as well!].

Q. What skincare products would we see if we peeked inside your beauty cabinet?

A. Dove soap, Neutrogena face wash, Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths, Clinique Mascara Remover, SkinCeuticals Antioxidant Lip Repair and a vast array of moisturizers!

Cindee Gold and her dogs
Cindee Gold and her dogs