Is Hair Restoration Permanent?

Losing your hair can be a very difficult experience. Since we often associate thick, healthy hair with youth and attractiveness, it’s easy to feel unhappy about our appearance if our hair starts thinning. Fortunately, you can address this issue with hair restoration treatments, and at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, Tennessee, we can use a variety of techniques to restore your hair.

Is Hair Restoration Permanent?

Our NeoGraft and PRP hair restoration treatments will improve your hair permanently, and especially if you take care of your new hair and schedule occasional maintenance treatments to keep up your look.


During a NeoGraft appointment, we will harvest follicles from locations where you are not experiencing hair loss. We will move these hairs to places where your hair has thinned. These transplanted hairs will grow naturally in their new locations.

As a result, this treatment can provide long-lasting improvements in your hair. That said, we may advise you to receive maintenance treatments to keep up your new look, depending on your unique situation.

PRP for Hair Loss

During this treatment, we will create a healing solution called platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, from your own blood. PRP is a wonderful substance that is used to treat a wide variety of health conditions. During your appointment, we will treat your hair loss by massaging this substance into your scalp. The PRP will encourage your existing follicles to grow new hairs.

It’s common to receive a series of PRP treatments. Although PRP will provide lasting benefits, you are likely to be happier with your results if you receive periodic follow-up treatments once you finish your initial treatment plan.

Why Have I Lost My Hair?

Hair loss is very common, and millions of Americans will develop this issue at some point in their lives. There are many factors that cause people to lose their hair as they become older:


Your genes can increase your chances of experiencing hair loss at an early age. If a large number of your close relatives have lost their hair, you are likely to develop this issue. This is called hereditary hair loss, and it is the top cause of baldness.


In addition to your genes, your overall health plays a large role in the condition of your hair. Certain health issues, such as thyroid disease, can cause you to develop hair loss. Taking certain medications or receiving cancer treatments can also cause your hair to thin. Further, eating insufficient amounts of protein can also damage your hair.

Other Factors

Your emotional wellbeing affects your hair, and going through a stressful event can cause your hair to thin. Big life events, such as childbirth, may also change the appearance of your hair. Even wearing very tight hairstyles and using harsh styling products can cause hair loss.

What Should I Expect During a NeoGraft Treatment?

NeoGraft is a minimally invasive hair transplant process that is performed in our office in Nashville, Tennessee. Since this technique is gentle, you won’t need to receive general anesthesia during your appointment.

Harvesting Your Hair

NeoGraft is a device that helps us harvest healthy hair follicles from areas of your scalp where you have abundant amounts of hair. During your appointment, this device will help us remove these hairs using a technique called Follicular Unit Extraction, or FUE.

The FUE method uses controlled pressure to remove hair follicles from your scalp. We will not pull or twist your hair. This specialized technique allows us to extract your healthy hair in a minimally invasive manner. It also prevents us from damaging these follicles.

Transplanting Your Hair

Once we have harvested sufficient healthy follicles, we will transplant them to areas where you have thinning hair or balding. After this process is complete, these follicles will grow normally in their new locations. As these follicles grow, your hair will look healthier and more abundant. Patches of thinning hair and bald spots on your scalp will become less noticeable.

What Should I Expect During a PRP Treatment?

Like NeoGraft, PRP for hair loss is a quick, comfortable treatment that we perform on an outpatient basis in our office.

We will begin by drawing your blood. We will put this substance into a centrifuge. The centrifuge will spin very quickly, and this process allows us to collect the growth factors in your blood. We will purify these growth factors and use them to make the PRP solution. We will carefully massage this substance into your scalp. Once we have administered the solution, it will encourage your body to grow new hair.

How Long Will My Recovery Period Be?

These are both minimally invasive treatments with short recovery periods. If you have received PRP for hair loss, you will be able to return to your normal activities immediately. If you received NeoGraft, you should be able to resume your job and other usual activities within a few days. However, you will need to avoid engaging in rigorous exercise and other physically demanding activities for some time after you receive your hair transplant.

Whatever treatment you receive, you should take care of yourself in the weeks and months after your appointment. In particular, you should eat a balanced diet, get adequate sleep, and avoid unnecessary stress. Living a healthy lifestyle will strengthen your body and allow it to respond to your treatment in a more effective manner. It’s also good for your hair at any stage of life and hair loss!

When Will I See Positive Changes in My Hair?

Since it takes some time for your hair to grow, you will not see the full effect of either of these treatments immediately. Your results will vary depending on your hair’s growth cycle and your body’s response to your treatment. Most people see the full benefit of NeoGraft within three to four months. Similarly, you should see the full effect of PRP for hair loss within a couple of months.

Can Men and Women Both Receive These Treatments?

NeoGraft and PRP treatments aren’t just for men. Although men are more likely to experience hair loss, many women will develop thinning hair at some point. These techniques are also safe and effective options for women who want to address their hair loss.

Am I a Good Candidate for These Treatments?

If you are a healthy adult who wants to address your hair loss, you are probably a good candidate for NeoGraft or PRP. These techniques will improve your hair without requiring you to go through an invasive procedure. Further, choosing one of these treatments will allow you to enhance your hair in a natural-looking manner.


Although NeoGraft is very straightforward, it is not right for everyone. For instance, you need to have some hair left to make the transplant process effective, so this treatment may not work if you have significant hair loss. Further, you might not be able to use NeoGraft if you have certain medical issues, such as a tendency to develop keloid scars or a bleeding condition.

PRP for Hair Loss

Certain health conditions can prevent you from using PRP to treat your hair loss. For example, you might not be able to use this treatment if you have a blood disorder or certain skin conditions. Further, you may be ineligible for this treatment if you are a smoker or if you take blood thinners.

Making a Choice

We will have an initial consultation with you before we treat your hair loss. During this meeting, we will talk about your health and examine your hair. We will use this information to select a suitable hair restoration treatment for you.

What Makes the NeoGraft Technique Unique?

This minimally invasive technique offers benefits that other hair transplant methods lack.

Faster Recovery Time

During many hair transplant procedures, a medical provider will remove your healthy follicles by making incisions into your scalp. This process will require you to receive stitches.

Fortunately, the FUE technique allows us to harvest your follicles in a minimally invasive way. Since this technique is much easier on your body, your recovery period will be very quick.

No Scarring

Invasive harvesting methods often create scars on your scalp. These scars may prevent you from wearing your hair in certain ways after your treatment is complete. In contrast, the FUE harvesting technique does not make prominent scars in the treatment area. As a result, this is a versatile technique that allows you to wear a variety of different hairstyles.

An Efficient Process

Manual hair harvesting methods can be slow and uncomfortable, and you might have to attend a series of lengthy appointments that are difficult to fit into your calendar.

In contrast, the NeoGraft device allows us to harvest your hair in a fast, accurate manner. Your appointments will be shorter and more comfortable, and you will have an easier time fitting them into your busy schedule.

What Makes PRP for Hair Loss Unique?

Like NeoGraft, PRP for hair loss has a number of amazing benefits.

A Comfortable Method

Your appointment will be very quick and easy. Collecting your blood sample is a very straightforward, safe process, and you will feel at ease as we complete this part of your treatment.

Proven Results

There is ample scientific evidence showing that PRP can improve the appearance of your hair. In fact, many scientific studies have demonstrated that this treatment increases hair growth and thickness in both men and women.

A Natural Method

If you don’t want to use medication or injectable products to improve your hair, you’re in luck. This minimally invasive treatment uses the healing powers in your own blood to improve your hair. As a result, you don’t have to take pills or inject foreign substances into your scalp. Instead, you will use your own platelets to stimulate hair growth.

Will I Have to Get a Buzz Cut Before I Receive My NeoGraft Treatment?

If you have long hair, you will not need to shave it off before your NeoGraft appointment. As we harvest your hair, we will shave small areas on your scalp. You can cover these shaved areas with the rest of your hair. Since your shaven areas will not be visible, no one will realize that you’ve received a hair transplant.

If you have short hair, we will probably advise you to get a buzz cut. Shaving your hair will allow us to harvest more follicles during your treatment. Further, cutting your hair will help your transplanted follicles blend in with the rest of the hairs on your scalp.

Restore Your Hair

You don’t have to accept thin hair and bald spots as a natural part of the aging process. You can reverse your hair loss and achieve thicker, healthy-looking hair by using one of our hair restoration treatments. NeoGraft and PRP are both proven treatments with excellent safety profiles. To learn more about these amazing cosmetic techniques, contact us at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, Tennessee to schedule an initial consultation today.