Join Us for an Exclusive Product Launch Event: Restorsea PRO

Join us at Gold Skin Care Center next Thursday, Sept. 10 from 9am to 3pm as we celebrate the introduction of our newest skin care line, Restorsea PRO! We will be giving away travel bags and travel-sized products, along with complimentary skin care consultations from the founder and CEO of the Restorsea product line, Patti Pao. In addition, this day only you can receive 15% oRestorsea Pro Skincareff all Restorsea PRO products, plus receive a free Restorsea PRO Intensive Hand Treatment 10x with the purchase of any skin tightening treatment or chemical peel for hands! We will be serving hors d’oeuvres throughout the event, and it will be a great chance to be among the first in Tennessee to try Restorsea PRO products in Tennessee and take advantage of great deals.

What is Restorsea PRO?

Restorsea PRO is the physician-only exclusive skincare line formulated for maximum effectiveness. This product line is not carried in department stores, online, or any other retail outlet – the only place to buy it is from your doctor. Restorsea PRO uses a proprietary active enzyme called
Aquabeautine XL, which exfoliates without inflammation. Aquabeautine XL is naturally derived from salmon roe without harming any fish, and it works wonders to provide gentle, effective exfoliation to restore young, healthy, beautiful skin.

Aquabeautine XL dissolves only dead skin cells, leaving healthy surrounding tissue completely untouched. This is in contrast to most exfoliating products, which affect both dead and living skin cells and can have uncomfortable side effects such as redness, inflammation, sensitivity to light, and peeling. Restorsea PRO products rejuvenate the skin and improve its tone and texture without these side effects.

Restorsea PRO Product Line

The Restorsea PRO product line consists of an Intensive Collection, Daily Collection, and Specialty Collection. The Intensive Collection is color coded green, and contains 10x the amount of our active ingredRestorsea Pro Intensive 10x ient Aquabeautine XL. The Intensive Collection is great for when you want to get your skin into shape quickly with the most powerful concentration of ingredients. After a month of use,
consult with your dermatologist to determine if you should continue using these products regularly or switch to a Daily Collection product.

The Daily Collection is formulated for everyday use and is color coded blue. The Daily Collection contains 3x the amount of Aquabeautine XL, and is highly effective yet gentle enough for daily use. When using these products twice a day every day, your skin will become soft, supple, and bright.

The Specialty Collection consists of specialty products for specific areas of concern. Currently the only Restorsea PRO specialty product is an eye serum designed to firm and tighten the skin around the eyes. With daily use of the Restorsea PRO Firming Eye Serum, the skin under the eyes will become firmer and brighter, leading to a more youthful and healthy complexion. Specialty Collection products are color coded yellow.

RSVP Today for the Restorsea PRO Product Launch!

To RSVP for our Restorsea PRO event, just call Gold Skin Care Center at 615.383.3807 today! Don’t miss out on your chance for a free skin care consultation as well as travel size samples of these amazing products and great discounts!