How Latisse Treatment Improves Your Eyelashes

If you have eyelashes that are short or thin, you may have tried many different ways to make them look bigger. We all want beautiful, thick, luscious lashes so that we can look our best. Sometimes, we just may need a little help achieving them.

Mascara, false lashes, and other products from the pharmacy may help your lashes appear thicker or longer, but as soon as they come off, so does your look! If you want a permanent solution, you may have read about some solutions that can help your lashes grow, but the thought of stimulating hair growth in hairs that do not grow naturally on their own sounds impossible.

There is one solution that many have been having success with! It is called LATISSE.

Studies with patients using LATISSE have proven it — lashes can appear up to 25% longer, 106% fuller, and 18% darker after applying the treatment for just 16 weeks! Some results come even sooner; you’ll notice big changes in length after just one month. By week eight, most see more fullness and darker lashes. By week 12, many people will see big enhancement results. And by week 16, you will see only dramatic results! And these are your own eyelashes growing, without any tricks or makeup.

LATISSE is easy to use, about the same as applying mascara every day. Simply use the brush to apply it to your lash line. Note: If you stop using LATISSE during the 16-week growth period, your lashes will return to normal.

So throw out those falsies and use LATISSE to get natural look of beautiful lashes that make your eyes look glamorous!