Learn to Manage Your Eczema at Home

itchy-skin-treatments-dermatologists-nashvilleEczema is one of the most common skin conditions affecting Gold Skin Care patients. In fact, eczema affects millions of Americans every year including those who are very young. Eczema often presents in infants, who are likely to outgrow the condition within several years.

Caring for your infant’s eczema is not much different than treatment for adult patients – with the exception of prescription medications that may not be recommended for young patients.

The most important factor to keep in mind when caring for your eczema is the use of water. Water can be incredibly healing. A warm bath for your baby or for yourself during an eczema outbreak can be very soothing. However, water can also make your eczema symptoms worse if not properly dried or sealed below the surface of the skin.

Patients with eczema are advised to never allow their skin to air dry after a shower, bath or time in the pool. It is important to towel dry your skin as completely as possible. It is also helpful to seal in the moisture that has become trapped below the surface of your skin during water activities. This can be done, after towel drying, with an ointment-based moisturizer. Do not use lotions, as these are often not completely absorbed by the skin and can make your eczema symptoms worse.

If you follow these tips during eczema outbreaks but still do not find relief, be sure to discuss your condition with Dr. Gold. He may be able to offer prescription strength topical steroids to improve your condition as well as UVB therapy.

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