acne light treatments

Look and Feel Your Best with Acne Light Treatments

There are many treatments available today to treat acne. You will find gels and creams, professional treatments, and other oral and topical treatments, but oftentimes, the most effective treatment for most people with acne is phototherapy, also known as acne light treatments.

The Most Effective Acne Light Treatments

With topical treatments, breakouts may still occur, so you may wonder what can be done when other treatments have failed. Phototherapy could be the answer. It is an effective choice for fighting acne that’s not improving with other more traditional treatments. How does phototherapy do this? It uses a special type of light that kills the bacteria on your skin that are causing the acne. At Gold Skin Care Center, we are proud to offer Acleara PPX, Blue Light Treatments, and PDT.

How Acne Light Treatments Work

Acne starts in your skin through the pores. These tiny holes in your skin contain oil-producing glands that keep your skin healthy. The problem is sometimes dirt, oil, and dead skin cells get stuck inside the pores, which clogs them. The bacteria that live on your skin can enter these blocked pores, creating an infection called acne.

In order to kill the bacteria and clear up the pimples, certain types of light can be beneficial. When your skin is exposed to the specific light, toxic substances are formed that kill the bacteria. Acne light treatments also have the benefit of shrinking the oil glands in your skin, which means less pore-clogging oil is produced.

How to Get Started

To get started with any of our acne light treatments, we always start with a consultation. From there, a customized treatment plan can be created. After this treatment, many patients have experienced a significant decrease in pimples and in the development of cysts. Along with this improvement in their skin, there is also an improvement in self-confidence.

Regardless of the severity of your acne or skin tone, all patients with concerns about their acne may be candidates for acne light treatments with our professionals at Gold Skin Care Center in Nashville, TN. Contact us today to book a consultation!